The Nature's Co Cherry Butter Gloss Review

In one of our earlier posts we reviewed a body butter and talked about the
varied benefit if offers, Similarly lip butters are a good way to pamper your
lips all seasons not just winters. Lip Butters will help you achieve pink, delicious,
soft and luscious lips in a natural way.

This post is on a Lip butter from a very known and popular brand which
manufactures varied range of natural and organic products. It is Nature's Co
Cherry Butter Gloss aka lip butter. Read on the full review below:

Price - INR 395 for 10ml

Ingredients - Cherry Flavor (3%), Kokum Butter (3%), Shea Butter (3%),
Mango Butter (2%), Castor oil (2%), Vitamin E (1%), Balm base, Natural Flavoring,
& Food Grade Color Q.S

Product Description -

- Gives naturally pink, delicious, soft and luscious lips, protects from harmful radicals
and reduce pigmentations.

- Get naturally pink, delicious, soft and luscious lips with our Sweet and  Sour Cherry
Lip Butter. It will protect your lips from harmful radicals and reduce the pigmentation
keeping them healthy and moisturize all day long. Apply directly to your lips, as often
as required.

My Take on Nature's Co Cherry Butter Gloss - So this would be my first time use
of any lip butter, I kinda knew what job does a lip butter does but never felt the need
to try it out, also because I was happy using lip balms which I thought pretty much
offers same benefits. To my surprise after few days ( 4-5 ) of use I could figure out
the difference.

Here's few
 - Makes lips soft and supple of course
 - Doesn't make lips feel greasy unlike certain lip balms
 - Gives a nice glossy yet matte feel
 - Lips look and feel fuller coz of intense hydration
 - It increases shedding of dead cells on lips, there by making lips look pink
and less pigmented.( If your lips are too pigmented then it may time for it to
completely go off  or may be not if the cause of pigmentation is different)

Now some would say that the benefits are almost similar to the lip balms, so I'll
say consider the case of body butter and body lotions. Like how body butters offer
more benefits than lotions similarly does the lip butter , and are top notch higher
than our good old lip balm.

Let's talk about the packaging, looks sturdy and is safely protected by a cover and
a lid to protect it from environment. So this lip butter looks a little baby pink in color
,however it is not a tinted butter and I am glad that its not as using too much of
tined stuff is not too good for lips in the long run, same as lipsticks and glosses.
The fragrance is heavenly, it absolutely smells sweet and sour ( just like cherries)
as mentioned on the packaging.

What I really loved about about this lip butter is that its an organic and vegan
product minus the use of any chemicals consistency of the product,which brings
a sense of relief that even if I swallow the product  by mistake nothing harmful
enters my body.Another thing I like is that its not greasy like certain lip balms,
and one swipe of the butter is enough to keep your lips hydrated for good 6-7 hours,
I wouldn't say it stays on for 24 hours.You will have to reapply it if your lips are too
dry and rough and if its winter time.

Another trick to enhance the efficacy of lip butter is to keep scrubbing your lips
2 times a week, as it helps in better absorption of the product just like how scrubbing
your face is important, your lips also require the TLC. You can try the Nature's Co
Lychee Lip scrub or may be make your own DIY lip scrub, we will try and bring up a
post soon.

This is how the lip butter looks on the skin,
I didn't put up the lip picture as it would have not given the exact look of it.

Pros -
  • Lips become soft and supple after first use.
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Organic and Vegan
  • Non greasy.
  • Light weight on lips.
  • Lips appear fuller and luscious.
  • Stays on for 6-7 hours.
  • Enhances shedding of dead cells, thereby making lips feel smooth.
  • Sturdy packaging, travel friendly.
  • Pigmentation reduction will happen gradually, not soo soon.
  • Easy availability.
  • Sufficient quantity, will last long

    Cons -
  • Packaging is sturdy but the look of it is not too boring and not pleasing to eyes.
  • Price could be an issue for some, but since less quantity is required so the product may last long.

TBLP Rating - 4.5

Recommendations - Yes If you would like to use a enhanced and better version of
lip balms and also If you are sucker for all things organic and natural, this Brand
and its lip butter is the one for you.

PS - Its a PR Sample Product, however I have tried to give a very honest and candid


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