3 DIY Natural Facial Cleanser

3 DIY Natural Facial Cleanser

Facial cleansers are an absolute important part of the skin regime and we just cant
do without them.Whether it be cleansers with salicylic acid,tea tree extracts,fruit
extracts or micro beads we love them all.But there are time when your skin is
bursting with acne,has some rashes or is very sensitive to bear any harsh chemicals
present in the cleansers then at that point in time natural cleansers can be your skin's
best friend.Yes I really mean best friend because the cleansers which i will talk about
 today are extremely gentle on skin and will give your skin a clean feel.

These natural cleansers not just make your skin feel fresh and squeaky clean but are
absolutely natural and satisfying to your skin and budget.They are best to rely on when
confused about which cleanser would suit your skin type as they are good with all skin
type specifications.

So lets talk about 3 natural cleansers which are my HG and favourite cleansers!!

1. Crushed Oatmeal - Oats not just make a healthy and nutritious breakfast but is a very good cleanser for even the sensitive skin.Avoid your cleansers for some time and use oats instead, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.It is also helpful with rashes and acne while keeping your skin soft and glowing.

How to use - take a spoon full of oats in your palm and sprinkle some water in it to make it moist until you see the oats releasing milky water.Massage it gently with your hands for a minute and then wash it off with plain water.Using it daily for a couple of weeks to improve the texture of skin and remove dryness from skin.

2. Green gram powder - Yes you heard me right green gram powder is an excellent yet underrated cleanser unlike oats.It has an amazing detergent like property but is extremly gentle on skin.It also helps with acne,blackheads and pimples.With regular use your skin will be fresh,clean and smooth.

How to use - take a spoon full of powder and mix some water in it to make a thick paste and gently massage it all over your face for a minute.You can keep it on your face for few more minutes and then wash it off with water.

3. Rice powder - It is another amazing cleanser for skin,and also acts as a skin detoxer.Rice powder can also be useful to get rid of blemishes and to brighten up the complexion naturally.

How to use - take a spoon full of powder and add few drops of water in it to make a pate and gently massage it on your face for a minute,it an be left for few more minutes and wash it off with water later.

Let us know how did you find these natural cleansers and did it benefit your skin.Do drop in your comments below we would love to hear from you all!!

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