10 Tips to Make Eyelashes Grow Healthy & Strong

“Eyes are only as beautiful as their eyelashes.”

There is no dispute that good looking eyelashes make a woman look pleasing, attractive and perfect. As long as the lashes are thick, strong and long; the eye shape or color of an individual becomes negligible. Unfortunately, for most women growing lashes is an ardent task resulting in indifference towards their growth or going for fake eyelashes or mascara. However, every woman should know that there are several simple that help to maintain eyelashes in perfect condition.

Tip #1: Remove makeup

The artificial compounds or chemicals in those luxurious makeup creams can clog the pores of the skin near the eyelashes resulting in irritation and improper growth. It is advisable to remove the makeup on the face before going to bed so that skin can retain its natural functionality allowing the lashes to grow.

Tip #2: Don’t pull the lashes

Some women do the mistake of pulling unequally grown eyelashes for god knows what reason. Imagine the time a lash needs to grow to its full glory and pulling it is no less a crime. By pulling the skin can become inflammatory leading to irritation or infection. Moreover, there are procedures to tend improperly curved lashes so never try to pull lashes.

Tip #3: Cleaning

 Due to the thick growth of lashes dirt accumulates quickly over them and washing the face gently can help reduce the dirt. In addition, after removal of make-up using a wipe or mild facial cleanser can clear out the pores effectively.

Tip #4: Eyelash serums

The relatively new advancement in the market has been proven effective for wonderful growth of eyelashes. As a lash growthserum ensures growth and strengthening of the follicles, it becomes easy for a woman to apply them according to the instructions for better lashes. These are all like all-round care takers of the eyelash which can condition, improve and maintain them for greater periods of time.

Tip #5: Lemon peels

Lemon peels are undisputedly acidic, but once they are soaked either in olive oil or castor oil for a span of 5 days they can work absolute magic on the eyelashes. The growth rate of the lashes will increase prominently after applying the lemon peels for few weeks. Overnight application of the peels followed by cleaning with cold water in the morning has assured results.

Tip #6: Trimming

Although, it may sound odd but Trichologists accept that trimming hair or eyelashes can stimulate the growth of follicles. Therefore trimming a small hair length every 2-3 months can help the eyelashes to grow even stronger. However, take precaution not to trim the eyelash over 1/4th of its original length.

Tip #7: Keep distance from fake eyelashes

A woman has to have future planning when it comes to protecting her eyes and eyelashes. Although, fake eyelashes are effective for parties and office environment they can’t be permanent and cause damage to the eyelashes permanently. Therefore, allowing the eyelashes to grow freely can help the cause and one can still use the unnatural eyelashes when it is absolutely necessary.

Tip #8: Brush

In the market, there are exclusively designed combs that can be used for brushing eyelashes. By simply brushing the hair with the help of the combs eyelashes grow longer than the usual within weeks. Although, there is no scientific explanation for this, it is believed that regular combing relaxes the eye facilitating healthier growth of eyelashes.

Tip #9: Use natural oils

The age old tip that most of the women are aware of is using natural oils for moisturizing the lashes and stimulating the follicles for faster growth. A woman can use a combination of natural oils or use any one of them regularly to observe great improvement in the condition of the lashes. Some of the frequently tried natural oils are castor oil, olive oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, etc. With the help of a cotton swab one can apply the oil or oils on the lashes before going to bed and the results are inevitable within weeks. The natural oils further smoothens the lashes making them all the more attractive.

Tip #10: Diet
Some of the tips given above are precautionary measures, while some are meant to rejuvenate the lashes remarkably. This one about diet is to ensure the eyelashes, which have grown strong and healthy after following the tips, to stay intact like that forever. A balanced diet including greenies, fish, eggs, protein sources, Biotin sources along with fruits can ensure the eyelashes will look forever young and admirable.
All of the tips if used in synchronization can boost the health and strength of eyelashes in a matter of weeks. Moreover, the tips are not that difficult to follow and every woman can benefit from them to step into tomorrow with glorious eyelashes.

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