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'thebeautyloverspage' can be looked out for exciting yet simple beauty tips, beauty recipes coming straight out from your kitchen, DIY tutorials, product reviews!!

We at 'thebeautyloverspage' are dedicated to bring in the best of information about beauty and everything related to beauty and stuff.
Whatever piece of beauty tips or information you see on our blog it comes straight from my heart.I only review products which are tested and tried by me,so you would find a mix and match of product reviews which become my HG products also the ones which don't find a place in my HG products list.We guarantee for the authenticity of reviews and other piece of  beauty information displayed on our blog!!

However we don't claim for efficacy of any product or beauty tips because each individual has a unique skin type and products which suit my skin type may or may not suit yours.Having said that make sure when you buy products or try any beauty tips featured on our blog, do look for its contents(ingredients),skin type specification etc and then evaluate if it would suit your skin type or not.
Though we make sure that in our every article we mention the skin type specification and also the contents(ingredients) to make it easier and convenient for our readers!!

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Now a Little About Me :     

Hiya all!!

I am the contributing writer at 'thebeautyloverspage.com'.Though I am a management professional but my craze and penchant for beauty products,
makeup, styling and everything related to beauty inspired to me come up 
with my beauty blog.
I think I was born to indulge myself in lot of beauty products,I love experimenting different beauty products but what I enjoy the most is trying and using natural 
ingredients available in our kitchen to prepare my own face packs,hair masks,
scrubs etc.

I have a combination skin type which sounds quite easy to handle but it does 
mess up sometimes.For any sort of beauty emergency or getting that instant 
glow on my face I rely mostly on natural ingredients and stuff.Whichever 
beauty product or beauty tips I share on my blog finds a place in my beauty
regime.It always gives me immense pleasure to share my (beauty tips, HG
products reviews and DIY stuff)with all you lovely readers!!

I cannot forget to mention that I love dogs,chocolates,shopping and beauty products!!

Stay blessed!!

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