DIY Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

Body scrubs form an essential and secret weapon in your beauty arsenal.
Usage of body scrubs is not just limited to any particular season, Infact
they need to find a place in your beauty shelf each season. Body scrubs
are an underrated beauty product which however slowly and steadily
seems to be catching popularity.

They offer multiple benefits from exfoliating your skin to keeping it
moisturized and baby soft. By exfoliating the skin not just they slough
away dead and dull skin, but also makes it super soft and nourished from
within.Incase you have not have incorporated any body scrub in your regime,
its time to include one and what better way to do it than trying out a DIY
Homemade Scrub.

In this post we share an amazing yet simple recipe to make your very own DIY
Homemade Coffee Scrub. Read on to know more :

You Will Need -

1. Coffee ( It will be used to give a nice rich color and aroma, also coz coffee is an excellent exfoliator )

2. Honey ( Honey will be used as it acts as a natural moisturizer )

3. Lemon Juice ( Lemon acts as a natural cleanser and helps in diminishing spots and marks due to its bleaching nature)

4. Brown Sugar ( It will be used as its going to be the base of this scrub, also coz it is naturally
good as a scrub and a coarse particle )

5. Green Tea Leaves ( They will give an added  dose of antioxidants and will double up as a natural
scrub particle )

6. Olive or Coconut oil  ( Oil is added to raise the moisturizing quotient and also coz it will preserve the scrub for a little longer )

7.  Glass Jar  ( To store the contents of the scrub, glass jar maintains the efficacy of the scrub )

Procedure -

Coffee -  ( Take 2tbsp of granulated or regular coffee powder in the glass jar)

Honey - ( Pour 2-3tbsp of  honey into the jar)

Lemon Juice ( Pour 1-2 tbsp of lemon juice in the jar)

Brown Sugar ( Take as much as it is required to fill more than half of glass jar that you will be using)

Green Tea Leaves ( Take 1 or 1/2 tbsp of the leaves and add them to the jar)

Olive Oil / Coconut Oil  ( Use either of these oils or take 50:50 proportion of each
and pour it in the jar)

After all the ingredients are placed in the jar, mix it well and your organic,
natural homemade scrub is ready to be used. It will last you for a week or
more, try and make it in small batches, you can take the desired quantity
of ingredients according to the size of your jar.


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