7 Amazing Benefits of Fish Oil on Skin and Hair

Fish oil is extracted from cold water oily fishes like herring, salmon, anchovies,
sardines, mackerel, etc.High in EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA
(Docosahexaenoic acid), the fish oil offers a wide array of health benefits
including hair and skin. Due to this reason it has long been used as a good
source dietary of omega-3 fatty acids. Incorporating fish oil regularly in your
diet may help in combating many health issues like curing cancer, fighting
asthma, heart problems and reducing weight. Moreover, if you are coping
with skin and hair problems lately, fish oil may help you to a great extent.

 Read on to find out the 7 amazing benefits of fish oil on skin and hair.

1. Reduces acne

Fish oil works in two ways to reduce acne. Firstly, it moisturizes the skin well
thereby curing acne that is caused due to excessive dryness. And secondly, it
aids in reducing inflammation and redness of skin proving relief from severe acne
condition.It also speeds up recovery from breakouts in amazing ways.Include fish
oil in your diet regularly and in precise doses to minimize acne effectively.

2. Prevents skin aging

Since fish oil is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and EPA, it is a great way
to prevent skin aging.Aging is caused due to dehydration of skin cells which further
weaken the collagen and result as fine lines and wrinkles. Fish oil helps in maintaining
the water content of the cells and thus prevents any damage to the skin. This slows
down aging by maintaining the skin elasticity and makes you look youthful.

3. Treats eczema

If you have eczema, fish oil may help in reducing the symptoms, if taken in proper
doses. It will be better to consult your physician to understand whether you need
to consume it or use it topically to reduce the signs of eczema. Fish oil eliminates
dryness and soothes the site of inflammation thus providing relief from the unfortunate
skin condition.

4. Sun protection

Another great benefit of fish oil is deep protection from the sun. Exposure to the
sun may cause many skin problems like burns, dryness and skin aging.Incorporating
the oil in your diet may help in fighting free radicals and damage caused due to sun
exposure. This is particularly because of the anti-inflammatory powers of fish
omega-3 fatty acids. It may also prevent skin cancer to a great extent.

5. Promotes hair growth

Fish oil has been found to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth.
The high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids present in it deeply nourishes the
hair from within, and reduces hair loss due to aging or lack of nutrients.
Including fish oil in your diet instead of direct application on hair is a good
way to have healthy hair.

6. Improves hair quality

The scalp needs adequate lubrication to make your hair shiny and healthy.
The tendency of scalp to produce natural oils may decrease with increasing
age making your hair dull and dry.The healthy fats present in fish oil helps in
maintaining the natural oils of the scalp and the hair follicles providing sheen to
your hair while simply improving the quality of hair.

7. Prevents hair breakage

Since fish oil is high in proteins, it aids in preventing hair breakage. As our age
increases, the hair tends to lose the natural structure and may look dry and
damaged. Pollution, stress and other factors add up to make your hair deprived
of nutrition and moisture. The proteins present in fish oil helps in maintaining the
structure of hair. In the absence of proteins, the hair may become brittle and
prone to breakage.

As a consequence, including fish oil in your diet on a regular basis may help you
look beautiful and healthy from within. It is important to consult your physician
to know the correct doses according to your concern because wrong doses may
be harmful to your health.According to National Institutes of Health; high doses
of fish oil may interfere with your immune system making it weaker and even raise
the levels of cholesterol in your body. Thus, it becomes essential to not to increase
your doses without consulting a healthcare expert. If implemented correctly, fish
oil can prove to be beneficial for your health and is safe to consume.

Author Bio:

Joecy Parker is an Online Manager For Dermatend. Joecy likes to Blog about
Health, Beauty and Skincare. You can contact her via Twitter.


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