7 Tips to Create Perfect Nude Lips

“Lips” the more you take care of them the more they make you gorgeous.
But we don’t bother about our lips much. Even while dressing up for a
party or a meeting, we just put a lipstick on lips.And spend lots of time
on our eye makeup. But have you ever thought that how a simple lipstick
can give a ravishing look. Sometimes we are so much in hurry that we don’t
even choose the correct shade of the lipstick.These little mistakes can give
you a “bizarre” look.

Nude lips are something which never goes out of trend.They give you the
perfect bold look.Creating nude lips is not such hard thing. But remember
if you are highlighting your lips then keep your eyes a little simple. Nude lips
will give you a natural gorgeous look to your face.You just need to follow
some steps. I am here to tell you the procedure of creating perfect nude lips.

 Have a look.

  • Exfoliation: every girl wants soft and kissable lips. So exfoliation can help you create your lips smooth and soft. When we use nude collared lipstick, the flakes and imperfections become more visible to others. So you can easily exfoliate your lips by using a simple toothbrush. Exfoliate your lips daily.

  •  Concealer: take a concealer and apply it around your lips and on your lips. Preferably, use a concealer similar to your skin tone. It will help in neutralizing the redness around your lips and won’t let your lip gloss enter the small linings of your lips and around your lips. And it will also give a smooth look to your lips and your lipstick color will look more perfect.You can also use a primer as a substitute of concealer.

  • Use a lip pencil: take a lip pencil and fill up your lips. It would be much better if you use a lip pencil similar to the shade of your nude lipstick. It should have a soft and a creamy texture so that it can serve a base to your nude lipstick to go on the top. It will also make your lip shape more defined and let the lipstick stay for a long time.

  •  Choose the right shade: choose a lip shade which falls between the natural skin tone and natural lip color. Too much pale shades can create ghostly look, if you have an olive-toned complexion. But if you are a fair-skinned girl, then palest shade like cream and beige,would be a better choice. 

  •  Use your finger or brush to apply your nude lipstick: we always used to apply the lipstick directly from the tube. But it doesn't give that smooth look which we always want. As you apply the lipstick on your lips, it starts entering the lip lines and creates a “bizarre” look. So the best way to get a smooth look on your lips is to apply your lipstick with the help your finger. Try it; you will surely feel the difference. 

  • Finishing with clear lip gloss: use a clear lip gloss when you've done all the above steps. And remove the excess with a blotting paper. Leaving your lips without gloss will not give a desired shine. Lip gloss will give a lush look to your mouth.

  • Always carry your lipstick, gloss, compact and a tissue paper in your bags. And touch up in the evening for a fresh look.

These were the tips to create perfect nude lips. Do try this and fall in love with your lips.


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