11 Beauty Tips for Healthier and Shinier Nails

Nails- our nails reflect our body’s hygiene, cleanliness and beauty. Everywhere
we go, our personality is recognised by our nails in public places. It is really
important to maintain our nails and an attractive shine on them. Often, manicures
help in cleaning the nail cuticles but do you know how to get shiny nails naturally
without using a nail polish? Today I am sharing some of the beauty tips to get
shiny nails at home naturally.

Often, many of us think that nail polishes make our nails shinier instantly, but this is
totally a myth, the truth is that they damage our nails very badly. Most of the nail
polishes available in the market contain harmful chemicals and preservatives which
may damage our nails with regular usage. These heavy chemicals present in the
products block the space and become a barrier for oxygen to penetrate. The
deficiency of proper oxygen leads to yellowing of nails. So, throw out those
chemical stuffed nail polishes and follow some natural kitchen remedies to
make your nails healthier and shinier than ever before.

Here are some recipes and tips that you can do and implement at your home only,
so there is no need to go to beauty parlours to spend lots of money.

1). Olive Oil Treatment: Olive oil is meant to be one of the best ways to boost
your nails shine and make them healthy looking. To start with it, take a table spoon
of olive oil and put it in a bowl; now start dipping and massaging your nails with the
oil softly. It is quite necessary that the olive oil gets absorbed in your cuticles and
nails so to moisturize and nourish your nail beds fully lending them a glow.

2). Lemon Treatment: Lemons have amazing cleansing properties and this is a
very helpful and quick treatment which not only makes your nails shiny but also
strengthens them.Firstly, pick a lemon from your kitchen, now cut it into slices
and put these slices on your nails to have glossy nails.

3). Soaking in Warm Water: All the above treatments are good but this tip is
really very crucial. It is necessary that you keep your nails moisturised by soaking
them in warm water at least twice or thrice a week. It is an effective method to
boost the beauty of your nails.

4). Please avoid applying nail polishes on a regular basis.The nail polishes contain
 lots of chemicals that dries the nail cuticles and cells. Also, please avoid changing
 nail polishes brand.

5). Yellow Nail problem: To get rid of yellow nails, please use a buffer on the
tips of the nails to improve blood circulation and make the nails look pinker.

6). Filing is a must to have strong and shiny nails. Try to use a soft filer which
doesn't roughen the nails and keeps them in the appropriate and desired shape.

7). Apply cuticle oil every day before going to sleep. It is a really good method
to get shiny nails naturally.

8). Avocado & Rose water soak: Mash the avocado flesh and add half spoon
of rose water in it.Apply on your nails before sleeping. Brittle and dull nails get
 nourished and moisturized by following this nail soak regularly.

9). Maintain healthy diet with Biotin and Zinc supplements consulting your physician.
It really works great and shows faster result.

10). Pour some warm milk into a bowl and dip your nails into the milk. Now,
please wait for few minutes, leave your nails dipped to absorb nourishment from
the milk,overnight. Wash off in morning and moisturize with a nail cream or even
a cold cream.

11). Lemon and glycerine recipe: Lemon cleans out the nails and makes the
cuticles look white and shiny, but lemon also dries the skin. People having dry
skin, please add few drops of glycerine in lemon juice drops. Now take a glass
bowl, add warm water and mix lemon juice and 4-5 drops of glycerine.
Soak your fingers in the solution for 5-7 minutes and then scrub gently to remove
dead skin around nails. It really helps get rid of dark finger joints.


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