How to Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger using Makeup

Eyes are the most important part of all of us. We can’t even imagine our lives without
eyes.We can see the beauty of world with them. And also they make us more beautiful.
Every girl love big and pretty eyes. But the size of our eyes is natural whether it is big
or small.But big eyes have their own property to attract others. But it doesn't mean
that if you have small eyes then you can’t look good.

There are many ways to make your small eyes appear bigger and more attractive.
Since we can’t change the size of our eyes, using makeup products to enhance the
size of eye is a great idea. A huge variety of eye makeup products is available in the
market but you should know that which type of product is suitable for you. Like for
small eyes you should light colored eye makeup product. So here are some tips
which will help you to select right product and make your eyes look and appear

Tips for small eyes makeup:

  •  Under eye dark circles concealer: firstly you need to use concealer before you start your eye makeup. Concealer will cover up your dark circles. Though it will not make your eyes bigger but it won’t let the dark circles to draw the attention of others to them.

  • White/light colored eye shadow: makeup artists use this tip for so long. Using white eye pencil or shadow will give an illusion of opened up eyes. Use the eye pencil near the tear duct and on the inner corner of the eye. 

  •  Eyeliner: while lining the eyes, avoid making a full circle around your eyes with eyeliner.And while using kajal, instead of applying it on the inner rim of the lower lash line, apply it on the outer lash line. And cover only 2/3rd.

  • Nude pencil: usually girls prefer white pencil to use above kajal, but on Indian skin tone white pencil does not look too flattering. So you may use a nude pencil to line the inner lash line. It will look more natural than white eye pencil and can also be used at day time.

  •  Mascara: mascara creates the eye lashes appear bigger. Apply 2 or 3 coats of mascara on the eyelashes. You can also use the false eyelashes for the same purpose.

  • Groomed eyebrows: Don’t forget to pay attention to your eyebrows. They are also responsible for giving a bigger look to your eyes. Make sure that they are well plucked. Visit a professional to get a perfect shape of your brows. Arched brows can help to make your eyes look bigger.

So these were the tips to make your eyes bigger but make sure that you are doing your
eye makeup precisely as any mistake can lead your eyes to look even smaller.

So here are some tips to avoid makeup errors:

  • Curling eyelashes is the easiest tip for make your eyes bigger. But remember that it should be done before applying mascara. In case you forget to curl before using mascara then wait for your mascara to get dried properly then curl your eyelashes. And don’t curl your bottom eyelashes.

  • If you think that there is no need to apply mascara on your bottom eyelashes then you are mistaken. First apply mascara on your top eyelashes then apply the mascara remains left on your brush on your bottom eyelashes.and part of the lash line.

 Try these tips and show off your beautiful eyes. Hope you all like it. Leave your feed back below :))


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