5 Beauty Benefits of Rose Water

Rose petals and rose water has been used since centuries by women to soothe their
skin and hair.Rose not only make an ideal gift for your loved ones but finds its use in
many beauty tips.This post would talk about how can one utilize rose petals,rose
water and rose hip oil for your hair care and skin routine.

1. Combats Acne and Blemishes -  Roses posses some anti bacterial properties
making them ideal to fight acne and breakouts.Rose hip oil made from the bud of
roses is ideal for blemishes and scars too.Rose water is known to soothe irritated
sensitive skin and reduce its redness and also treat ailments like eczema and psoriasis.
Make your own rose water spray and soothe your tired dull skin instantly.

2. Prevent Dark Circles -  The soothing properties of rose water makes it ideal
even for the sensitive skin and also helps to get rid of dark circle around eyes.Roses
contain some natural oils which results in smooth skin around eyes.

3. Acts as Sunscreen - Rose water and its petals contains rich sources of Vit C
and also act as very good sunblock,Simply spray some rose water mixed with
some glycerin over face and let it soak before steeping out in the skin.You may
wanna use your sunscreen underneath to provide maximum protection from sun.

4. Skin Toner -  Quite famous as a skin toner rose water instantly tightens up
your pores and skin and make it appear soft and supple.When used with
a cotton swab on face after using face wash it helps to get rid of any left
over makeup or dirt on face and makes it squeaky clean and clear.

5. Nourishes Scalp and Enhances Hair Growth -  If you have an itchy
and flaky scalp,try some rose water as a final rinse after using shampoo
and conditioner.Rose helps to promote good blood circulation to the scalp
and hair follicles thereby promoting and enhancing hair growth.

These are the top 5 beauty benefits of rose petals,water and its oil.Let us know
if you any more and how have you benefited from these beauty tips!!


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