Top 6 Soaps for very Dry and Sensitive skin

It is very essential specially in winters to use the right kind of soap for very dry and
sensitive skin.Since winters itself brings in a dry and rough weather further leading
to dry,parched skin so to use appropriate body soaps becomes very necessary.
It is advisable for people with dry skin to avoid using soaps and use body gels
instead but there are few soaps which are made for dry and sensitive skin and
helps to keep skin moisturized and soft.

In this post we bring to you a comprehensive list of top 6 body soaps specially
suited for dry and sensitive skin.

1. Dove Moisturizing Bathing Bar - Dove is a very renowned brand of Unilever
and its is popular world wide,it is  the only bar in our list which is very affordable
and yet delivers what it promises,it does keep skin moisturized without drying it and
skin feels soft and smooth after first use.

2. Burt Bee's Honey and Shea Conditioning Bar - Burt Bee's manufactures
soaps,washes and other cosmetic products which are made from very natural and
organic ingredients which makes them very safe to use for a longer period.Their
Honey and Shea Soap is best suited for dry and sensitive skin and keeps the skin
nourished and moisturized and also protects skin natural oils from getting stripped.

3. Aveeno Active Naturals Moisturizing Bar - Aveeno soaps are recommended
even by dermatologist which makes them ideal for very sensitive as well as dry skin too.
Aveeno soap bar contains natural colloidal oatmeal which is good for gentle exfoliation
of skin and thereby keeping skin moisturized,soft and supple.You don't really feel the
need to apply moisturizer but in winters it is advisable to do so.Availability could be
a concern but one can try and get it online.

4. Soul flower Milk Cocobar and Bite me Chocolate Soap - Soul flower soaps are
made using some natural oils like castor,olive,coconut and palm oil,during saponification
of these oils soaps are formed.Glycerin is a byproduct of all the soul flower soaps which
attracts moisture to skin keeping it soft.Soulflowers' Bite me chocolate and Milk Cocobar
are an ideal and prefect choice for dry and sensitive skin.

5. The Body Shop Coconut and Shea Soap -  The body shop Coconut soap
contains organic virgin coconut oil ideal to keep skin soft,supple and smooth and
gives a nutty coconut fragrance which lingers on for a long time.Wit the goodness
of palm oil and glycerin Shea soap moisturizes and cleanses at the same time.Both
these variants of soap are an ideal choice of dry and sensitive skin.

6. Lush Porridge,Sultana of Soap and Honey I Washed the Kids Soap -
Lush soaps are one of the most expensive ones in our list but the benefit it offers
will keep you asking for more,you will be in completely in love with these soap
bars if you like to use natural organic handmade soaps.They look so tempting
that one feels like having a bite.Each of their soap bars are unique not just in the
name but the list of ingredients they use to formulate them.For dry and sensitive
skin the top 3 Lush soap bars are Porridge,Sultana of soap and Honey I washed
the kids.You can try either of these or may be all since you will fall in love with this
brand instantly.

Lush Porridge Soap

Lush Sultana of Soap

Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

These are our list of top 6 body soap bars,let us know what you think of these and if you
have tried any of these do share your experience with us!!


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