Faces Ultimate Pro Long Wear Matte Lipstick Read My Lips 07 Review

Faces Canada headquartered in Toronto is quite a sought after makeup/cosmetic
brand from many years.Their makeup products specially their lipsticks are a must
have for every girl.They have Lipsticks which are hypoallergenic,enriched with
Vit E and anti-ageing oxidants to protect the lips from darkening.This review is
on one such lipstick Faces Pro Ultimate long wear lipstick read my lips 07.
Check out the full review to know what this brand offers in their lipsticks.

Price - INR 599 for 2.5g

Product Description - 

  • Matte finish for the uber chic
  • A vivid color burst that lasts for more than 8 hours
  • Enriched with Vit E and anti-ageing oxidants
  • Creamy texture gives smooth,water proof high coverage
  • Available in a range of swanky shades

My Take on Faces Ultimate Pro Lipstick -  Super rich color which stays on for 
very long is the best line to describe faces pro,but there's a lot more to it.Another best 
part is the texture which is smooth enough to glide easily on lips and not settle on the
creases of lips.Enriched with Vit and anti-ageing oxidants makes it a fit for people
prone to darkening of lips,since it is hypo allergic its safe too.It has a matte finish
on lips and still gives a clean finished look.Even after washing your face it still stays
on as it is waterproof.One smooth glide is enough to give you fuller luscious lips.
So for that fact it lasts quite long.I feel the faces gives you a wide range of swanky
colors to choose from and the shade which is reviewed is pretty attractive.

Pros -
  • Lasts for close to 8 hours
  • Matte finish gives a polished look
  • Does not smear on the creases of lips
  • Enriched with Vit E 
  • Protects lips from drying
  • Anti- ageing oxidants to prevent lips from darkening
  • Water proof
  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • Very creamy smooth texture

Cons -

  • Availability could be a problem for some
  • Affordability can also be a concern

TBLP Rating - 5/5

Recommendations - Absolutely if you are fond of fancy branded lipstick which protects
your lips coz of its anti ageing oxidants and Vit E. Definitely a go grabber


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