5 Hair Packs/Masks for Dull and Damaged Hair

1. Avocado and Olive Oil  Pack - Avocados and olive oil  is the best when it comes
to treating dull,dry and damaged hair. Avocados are rich in Protein Potassium and other
essential vitamins which helps to make hair soft,smooth and luscious.Once you try the
pack your hair will linger for more since it gives boost to lifeless hair instantly.Once or
twice a week this pack can be tried if these ingredients are available.

2. Yogurt and Honey pack - Another great pack to nourish for dry,dull and damaged
hair.This a power pack full of protein,yogurt is known to deep condition hair and
honey also gives the much needed moisture and hydration which is a requirement of
dull and dry hair.

3. Banana and  Mayonnaise Pack - Bananas also make an ideal hair pack
for dull an dry hair since they have moisturizing properties not just for skin but
for hair too.Mayonnaise is made up of eggs,vinegar and oil making it rich in
proteins which is much needed to bring luster and shine to dull hair now naturally.
Mash one or two banana well and some mayo to it,apply it liberally from root to
tips and leave it for an hour to reveal healthy nourished hair.

4. Coconut Milk Cream Pack -  Coconut as we know has been used since ages for
hair care,all its form be it oil,water,milk and its cream all are beneficial for healthy hair.
Coconut has been known to enhance hair growth,curb hair fall and provide the nutrition
and hydration required for dull and dry hair.Just take some fresh raw coconut and
blend it with little water,strain it to get fresh milk.Just massage the milk and cream
with gentle hands and leave it on for an hour or so.

5. Egg and Yogurt Pack - Eggs are the most important source of animal protein
which is required for healthy and luscious hair also yogurt another source of protein
is essential in transforming your dull dry tresses into shiny luscious hair naturally.
If you have oily scalp you can use lemon juice to prevent this pack from further
making your scalp greasy.

So this was list of top 5 hair masks/packs for dry,dull and damaged hair.Since these
are natural and homemade packs they can be tried as many times you want un till you
get the desired results.Let us know how did find these amazing packs for you hair
and if you have anything to say or share,do write in to us in the comments below.



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