Top 5 Best Body Lotions/Moisturizers for Winters

The season winters require us not just to layer our self with clothes to keep us warm
but to keep our body moisturized and soft for a longer time.For people with dry skin,
no matter what the season is they need to apply moisturizer which keeps their skin
hydrated for a longer time.And for the quest to find the suitable type of moisturizer
made me come up with a list of Top 5 nourishing body lotions to suit your skin
in winters and other seasons too.

1. Johnson's Baby Oil - This tops on my list even if its not a contemporary moisturizer
like others on the list.But I must admit and confess that there's no other moisturizer that
does the actual job of providing super long hour moisturization and eventually make your
skin soft,glowing like a baby.Even though it is a oil you can still use it in summers at night
and when you wake up next morning your skin will look and feel absolutely wonderful.
It not just good as a body oil you can use it on your sensitive skin too,it acts a face
moisturizer too.


2. Vaseline Body Lotion - Vaseline is very well known brand when it comes to body
lotions,petroleum jelly etc and it ain't disappoint us at all.What's best is the price range
is also nominal.It comes in different variants to suit your body skin types and does keep
body hydrated and moisturized for quite long even in winters.If you have a very dry skin
the the cocoa variant is for you for mild dry skin total moisture does good to your skin.
Similarly for summers the aloe fresh will suit you up.It does live up to its promise of
intensive moisturization. Applying it twice a day will be sufficient.


3. Nivea  Body Lotion - I can recall Nivea as a brand when I was pretty young and
my mother used to apply it,the good old blue small tub of Nivea cream.Nivea did not
make body lotions then.Its not been long ago when Nivea came up with its body lotions
ranges and have ever since been a sought after brand in body lotions.They are as
moisturizing as their face creams and keep your body soft and supple for long hours.
You can choose from any of their range but when I talk about winters specially I
would say Express Hydration,Smooth body milk and Happy time is the best bet.


4. Himalaya Herbals Body Lotion- All the product from Himalaya claim to be very
herbal and natural and have been a hit amongst people ever since they were launched.
Himalaya neem face pack and its shampoo's we know are very popular but its body
lotion did not disappoint me either.I got its trial pack with one such product,and I must
say I was pretty impressed with its cocoa butter variant for dry skin.It left my skin not
just soft and supple but glowing too.Whats interesting is that the price is quite nominal too.


5. Parachute Body Lotion -  Parachute was always symbolic to hair oils but when its
body lotion were launched it came to me as a surprise since it was way too dirt cheap
it kept me wondering is it even worth a try..but I was happily surprised that it does
live up to the expectation of a decent body moisturizer and keeps body moisturized
for few hours.It also has many variants to suit you skin type but for winters the purple
bottle and light blue does the trick.


So these were the top 5 highly rated body lotions/moisturizers for winters in my list,if I
did miss out any important and an effective one do let us know by dropping in your
comments below!!

Himshikha :) :)


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