Top 5 Natural Skin Brightening and Lightening Ingredients

Skin when exposed to harsh sun-rays, pollution and dust tends to loose its sheen
and shine also gets pigmented and dull.In order to retain the complexion we use
all types of skin lightening and brightening cosmetics.But the effects are not long
lasting and we are left with same dark,pigmented skin.

So in order to get a bright and light skin complexion we can take help of some
ingredients which possess natural skin lightening properties.So lets take at those
top 5 ingredients which help to achieve flawless and fair skin.

1. Licorice Powder - Licorice(mulethi) powder or extract would certainly top
the list of natural skin lightening ingredients as it very effectively lightens complexion
and also helps to get rid of blemishes and dark spots.For this reason licorice finds
its place in most skin lightening creams,ointments and other products.

Licorice Stick

2. Milk and Yogurt - Milk and Yogurt are also very effective skin lightening and
brightening agents.They are also called as natural bleach since they contain lactic
acid which is a mild bleach and gently exfoliates skin and reveals a fresh,glowing
fair skin.Yogurt and raw milk can be used with any face packs instead of plain
water and it would give good results when used consistently.

Raw milk and Yogurt

3. Chickpea Flour - Chickpea flour or besan as we popularly call it ;also helps
 in lightening and brightening skin tone.It is also considered a best exfoliator for
even sensitive skin.It can dry skin so it is advisable to use it with raw milk or
yogurt and reap maximum benefits since both these ingredients also helps to
lighten the complexion.Not to forget chickpea flour is also good for acne,
pimples,blemishes and dark spots.

Chickpea Flour

4. Lemon Juice - Lemon juice is considered a very effective yet mild skin bleach
due to the presence of lactic acid.It effectively lightens the skin tone by bleaching it
naturally without harming the skin.With regular usage you will see a noticeable effect
in the skin tone and it also helps to get rid of acne/pimples and blemishes too.
Combining lemon juice with raw milk or rose water will give best results on dry,
sensitive skin since it can cause irritation if used undiluted.

Lemon Juice

5. Red Sandalwood Powder - Red sandalwood powder gives best results when
used with rose water or raw milk.I would advice to use it with raw milk and see
some amazing noticeable effects in some time. Red sandalwood contains
anti-bacterial and anti- fungal properties which also helps it acne/pimples,
blemishes,dark spots and scars too.With regular use it gives excellent results and
your skin becomes glowing and few shades lighter.


You can combine these remedies or use one remedy at one time.The more often and
consistently you use it the more benefits you will get.Let us know how did you find
these remedies and are you willing to try them or have tried them before let us know
in your comments below.We love to hear from you!!



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