10 Amazing Beauty & Skincare Benefits of Yogurt(Curd)

If you are a regular beauty parlor or spa visitor to achieve beautiful,glowing skin
and shell out lots of bucks for it then you are certainly unaware of the amazing
beauty benefits offered by yogurt. Yogurt ( curd) is not just good for our health
but does wonders for skin and hair.

Yogurt contains Vit C, Zinc, Calcium and is rich in protein which makes it very
nutritious and healthy.Also they possess anti bacterial and anti- fungal properties
 which makes it ideal to deal with skin infections(acne,pimples,blackheads,whiteheads)

This post would talk about the benefits of yogurt.Lets take a look at these 10
amazing Beauty and skincare benefits of yogurt(curd).

1. Treats Sunburn and Suntan - Yogurt acts as a very effective remedy to treat
sun tan and sun burn because of the presence of lactic acid and also for its anti -
bacterial and anti - fungal properties which soothes the skin and heals it faster.

2. Makes Skin Glowing, Soft and Smooth - You got to try it yourself to experience
the magic it does to our skin, the goodness of its rich creamy,milky consistency makes
skin so smooth,glowing and soft.

3. Works as an Anti - Ageing Pack - Lactic acid- an essential alpha hydroxy acid
prevents premature ageing and fights wrinkles.What essentially yogurt does to skin
is that it keeps the layer of skin hydrated,soft and supple; so skin which is moisturized
and hydrated it ages slow.

4. Excellently Moisturizes and Exfoliates - Doe to the presence of lactic acid, zinc
and Vit C yogurt  exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells very effectively.
Yogurt is one of the best natural exfoliator and it does not require to be scrubbed on
face just its application for few minutes would do the job.

5. Lightens and Brighten Skin Tone - Vit C and and lactic acid present in yogurt
 helps to lighten and brighten the skin tone upon its application.Since Vit C and Lactic
acid are natural bleach they make skin whiter and brighter.

6. Tones Wrinkles,  Freckles and Fine Lines -  Due to the high content to protein
and other essential nutrients yogurt moisturizes and hydrates skin so well and tones
down wrinkles,fine lines and freckles on face.

7. Reduces Blemishes and Dark Spots - Yogurt works very well on blemishes,
dark spots due to the presence of Vit C and Lactic acid which helps to lighten and
diminish blemishes and spots on face.

8. Minimizes Acne and Pimples - Yogurt works best on pimples and acne as it has
 anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which helps to fight off the pimples/acne and
prevent them from coming back.Since yogurt is also a good exfoliator it unclogs the
pores by gently removing dead skin cells from face thereby preventing further acne

9. Treats Dandruff and Itchy scalp - As we talked about how good is yogurt for
skin,we cannot miss to mention the hair care benefits it offers.It helps to treat itchy
and flaky scalp also called dandruff due to its acidic properties which comes from
Vit C and lactic acid.

10. Conditions Hair and makes them Smooth and Shiny - last but not the least
 yogurt is a wonder food for hair as it not only conditions it but makes them soft,
smooth,shiny and healthy. Due to its high protein content it works very well to tame
frizzy,dry and damaged hair quite well and the end result is beautiful manageable hair.

These were some skin care, hair care and beauty benefits offered by a simple kitchen
 ingredient,hope these benefits can be of some help to people unaware of of these
benefits and can use them to the fullest!!

By Himshikha


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