Stiefel ANSOLAR Daily Use Gel-Cream SPF 30 Review

There are lot of sunscreens and sunblock lotion and creams available in the
market but the ones which actually offer a complete protection from harmful
UVA and UVB sun rays thereby preventing from skin darkening are a rare
and a difficult find and one such great find is this sunscreen gel cream. Ansolar
cream was prescribed to me by my dermatologist and I  have to thank him for
prescribing this amazing sunscreen.

Read on to know how this sunscreen fared and its benefits. :)

Price -INR 650 for 60 g

Ingredients - see swatch for details

Directions to use - Apply Ansolar Daily Use generously,at least 30 minutes
before sun exposure.It is recommended to repeat the application every 2
hours after continuous sun exposure and every 80 minutes after swimming
and excessive perspiration.

Precautions - Ansolar daily should not be used by people with known
hypersensitivity to any component in the formula.It may cause eye irritation
if contact occurs. In-case of any allergic reaction,discontinue use and contact
physician.Reapplication of the product is necessary in order to maintain its

My Take on Ansolar Daily Use Gel Cream SPF 30 - I absolutely adore this
sunscreen since it not only prevents my face from UV rays and darkening but
is not sticky inspite of being a cream-gel form.It is so light that after you apply
,it completely blends onto you skin without much effort unlike other creams.
It does not make your skin shiny and greasy which was a concern with some
sunscreens I tried in the past.Since it is an all skin type sunscreen,it suits even
the sensitive skin like mine.It has a long list of benefits and features it offers like-

  • It has high UVB Protection (SPF 30) and high UVA Protection (PA+++) 
  • Helps to prevent signs of sun damage such as tan,sun spots,lines and wrinkles
  • Antioxidant Action
  • Has Complex S3
  • Is Hypoallergenic
  • Non- Comedogenic
  • Very water resistant

Pros -
  • Suits all skin types
  • Contains SPF 30 (suitable for all skin tones)
  • Prevents from skin darkening and tanning
  • Water resistant
  • Light texture suitable for all seasons
  • Does not break out due to non comedogenic action
  • Does not cause any skin allergy
  • Stays on for many hours
  • Very small quantity is needed

Cons -
  • Exorbitantly priced
  • Availability an be a problem,however it should be available at medical stores
TBLP Rating - 4.8 /5 (just for its price) :))

Recommendation - Certainly yes,if you are in a lookout for a good highly effective 
sunscreen.You can leave it if price is an issue.But I feel it is totally worth spending 
product because of the benefit it offers.


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