DIY Stripes Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello lovelies,
I am back with a simple nail art design. This is for beginners and a very easy one.
All you need is a tooth pick or a nail stripper. Here is the step-by-step tutorial

Things needed :
Base coat
Base color ( a light shade)
Another nail polish (a dark shade. Preferably  black)
Tooth pick  or a nail stripper

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

First take a cotton pad with nail polish remover and rub it on your nails gently to
remove all the nail polish you have.Then apply a base coat.. Do not skip this step
as it is very very important . It keeps your nails healthier and also avoid staining on
your nails.. Let  it dry completely.

Now apply any light color nail polish of your choice. I used turquoise colored one 
as this is my favourite . Let the first coat dry completely . then apply the second coat.
Then take a dark shade nail polish , black would be best and use a tooth pick or a
nail stripper. Let me tell you what I've used here. This is a liquid eye liner’s applicator
:D This makes my work very easy as it is very thin similar to a nail stripper. Take the
applicator and start drawing thin lines , starting from the tip.Keep some distance and 
draw the second line , followed by third.Do the same thing on the other side of your
nail . If your nails are big enough you can paint over them for thicker lines .Let it dry 
completely , then Seal it with a top coat . Again this step is important to prevent your 
nail polish from damaging . And you are done. !

See how simple it is .. Do try it ..
Take  care until next time J

By Sindhura 


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