10 Amazing Skincare Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used since time immemorial for various skin related problems.
Many cosmetic,skin and hair care products contain Aloe Vera as a main ingredient 
due to the wide range of benefits offered by this wonder plant.Aloe Vera juice and
gel are the most popular items these days.

The best thing I like about this plant is that it doesn't need much care and grows
almost everywhere unlike other plants.The natural form of Aloe Vera is much more
beneficial as compared to the cosmetic form because it is processed them combined
with some preservatives, so why not use it in its pure form and reap more benefits.

This post would feature some 10 amazing skincare and beauty benefits,uses offered by 
Aloe Vera :

1.  Treats Suntan and Sunburn effectively -   Aloe Vera is ideal to treat sun burnt
 skin and also tanning as it has high healing power and contains antioxidants and a 
substance called aloin (anti- inflammatory) which assists in speedy healing of any 
burns,wounds etc.

2. Works on Acne and Pimples - It has two hormones which help in healing of skin 
and also act as anti-inflammatory. Aloe Vera works well on normal to mild acne/pimples
and also reduces the scarring.

Aloe provides a soothing effect to blisters and other skin inflammations. It is also used in
certain skin diseases like rosacea,eczema, psoriasis etc.

3. Acts as an excellent moisturizer for skin -   Aloe vera suits all skin type and acts
 as a excellent moisturizer and hydrator for skin.After its application one can feel how 
supple and smooth dry skin feels, and the best part is it nourished oily skin too.

4. Helps with fine lines and wrinkles -  Since we talked about how good moisturizer 
and hydrant it is so it is fair enough to say that aloe vera prevents fine lines,wrinkles and 
delays aging process on our face.

Aloe contains antioxidants, Vit C and Vit E which helps maintain skin firmness and elasticity.

5. Treats blemishes, scars and dark spots - Due to the presence of Vitamins like C 
and E and anti-oxidants Aloe Vera heals and completely obliterates blemishes,dark spots 
and also scarring in some cases.It contains high healing powers making it ideal for skin 

6. Prevents Hair fall and Hair loss - Aloe Vera contains some minerals and enzymes 
which prevent in hair fall and hair loss.It contains some poly saccharides and glycoproteins 
which help in new cells growth and controls hair fall.

7. Cures flaky scalp and dandruff -  Some natural enzymes present in aloe vera 
breaks down dead skin cells on our scalp which causes dandruff.It helps in increases
 blood circulation which results in the secretion of some natural oils which eliminate 
dryness, itchiness and flakiness on scalp.

8. Promotes healthy hair growth -  Aloe contains some naturals enzymes like 
proteolitic which helps to break down dead skin on the scalp thereby ensuring all 
the nutrients penetrate deep down the scalp.

It also helps to arrest the accumulation of sebum our scalp and breaks it down too.
excess of sebum on scalp results in hair fall and hair loss.

9. Makes skin healthy and glowing - Due to the presence of certain enzymes,hormones,Vitamins,Minerals and antioxidants Aloe forms a
protective layer on the skin and prevents it from nay sort of inflammation
thereby resulting in soft,supple healthy glowing skin from within.

10. Acts as a natural hair conditioner - Aloe Vera is considered to be a natural 
conditioner for hair and skin too.Keratin( a naturally occurring protein found in hair cell)
composition is found in Aloe Vera also, which helps to reduce frizziness and dryness 
from hair.
Aloe Vera also balances and restores the PH on the scalp which helps to maintain 
healthy shiny hair.

With so many benefits to offer one definately needs to plant aloe vera in their kitchen 
garden or terrace and avail its benefits.Say goodbye to those expensive hair care 
treatments and bring aloe vera to your rescue!!

By Himshikha 


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