How to Wash off Oil from Hair

How to Wash off Oil from Hair

Hot oil massage is an effective way to deep condition our hair and all would agree that the after results are amazing,but to take off that oil next day can be trying at times. Earlier I used to be miffed when some oil used to be left in my hair after shampooing until i learnt the right technique to wash off any oil from hair.So in this post i would talk about those techniques.

This technique is applicable for all sorts of oil(castor,coconut,amla,olive,almond or any herbal oil). Olive and almond oil are comparatively easy to wash than castor,coconut & amla oil.

1. So the day when you are ready to wash your hair,use warm water(remember it should be mild warm or say lukewarm,no hot water should be used as it can be damaging to hair)to damp your hair and scalp,what it would do is open up your scalp pores to release off dirt,grime and oil.

2. Next step would be to take some shampoo in your palm along with few drops of water and rub it to make rich lather,this action would make your hands moist and avoid friction which can cause hair breakage.

3. Now apply the shampoo liberally all over your scalp from roots to tip,use your fingers instead of nails to massage for few minutes.(Normally we should not shampoo the tip of hair but if any hair mask or oil is applied then it can be used)

4. Now wash off your hair with warm water so that in case any oil is still left it would be washed off.

5. Its time now to take some conditioner in your palm and apply it to your hair.(For some hair type wash off conditioners work well but for some like me they tend to weigh my hair down and so i prefer leave in conditioner)Whichever conditioner you use keep it for few minutes(3-5),let it soak completely.

6. Last step would be to wash off your hair completely with cold water(Now cold water is good after using conditioner as it seals and locks in the moisture) and wash it off till you see no bubbles coming out with water.

7. Use towel to dry your hair without rubbing it,once your hair is air dried use a wide tooth comb to de tangle your hair.At the end you can apply hair moose or serum or use a leave in hair spray.Its time now to flaunt your silky,shiny,squeaky clean and fresh hair!!

I make my own leave in hair spray,will come up with a post soon!!We would love to hear from you.

Have a fabulous hair day!!

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  1. Worked like a charm!

  2. how is it any different than the usual way we wash our hair?

  3. Some shampoo leave behind residue on your hair. So your hair will be harmed, dulled, greased by the residue byproducts. In spite of residue most hair type are able to keep its good position. So you should try to avoid the shampoo which is not Anti-Residue. The Anti-Residue Shampoo is best shampoo for oily hair


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