DIY Leave in Hair Conditioner Spray

DIY Leave in Hair Conditioner Spray

Hair conditioners are good to lock moisture in your hair,also they make your hair shiny and bouncy.Conditioners are of two types leave in and wash off.While the latter can weigh down your hair,leave in are the best options to keep your mane manageable yet retaining the shine.In this post i would talk about how to make your own leave in hair spray.

Here's a simple list of ingredients required to make this hair spray.

Distilled Water (As per the size of spray bottle)
Rose Water ( 3- 4 tbsp) 
Rosemary Essential Oil ( for 100 ml i use 5-6 drops)
Lavender Essential Oil (  for 100 ml i use 3-4 drops
Jojoba Oil ( for 100 ml bottle i use 3-4 drops)

How to make : Take the desired quantity of distilled or drinking water in a pan and boil it for few minutes,take the pan out of flame add rose water,rosemary,lavender & jojoba oils.Place a lid over the pan and let it cool down completely.Now once it cools down,transfer it to the bottle and you are ready to use it.

I normally avoid wash off conditioners as they tend to weigh my hair down also my hair is quite manageable without them but i do apply this leave in conditioner spray after hair wash and my hair is good to go.So for people who have dry hair use your normal conditioners and before combing use this spray to make your hair more manageable,healthy and shiny.This is an all hair type product, people with oily hair and scalp can avoid jojoba oil and use the spray only on the tips of hair.

It can be used along with wash off conditioners and can also substitute hair serums.It is kind of a quick fix to dry,frizzy hair day.

Let us know how did you find the hair spray and you can refer to our previous post how to wash oil from hair for more hair care tips!!

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Have a wonderful hair day!!


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