DIY Homemade Skin Toner

DIY Homemade Skin Toner

Toners are of wide varieties and are used for various purposes.They help maintain pH of skin,help clear blemishes,hydrate skin or gives a squeaky clean face by removing the left over dirt,grime and makeup.Some toners are alcohol based while some are free of alcohol,i personally feel that the toners which are labelled alcohol free do contain some traces of alcohol in them.There's always been a debate over the use of toners on skin,some feel that they are an important part of skin regime while others believe that their skin are good without their use.
So this post would talk about the homemade skin toner i use over my skin.It is 100% natural,chemical and alcohol free and absolutely safe even for the sensitive skin.Does an excellent job as a detox toner as well.

So here's a simple list of ingredients required.

1. Apple cider vinegar(with mother), preferably organic as it offers more benefits. 
     (for 200 ml take 4 tbsp)
2. Green tea(tea bag or loose leaves would do).
     (for 200 ml take 5 tbsp)
3. Rose water( for 200 ml 2 tbsp)

How to make : So the first step would be to prepare some fresh green tea and let it cool for some time,later pour the green tea,rose water and ACV(apple cider vinegar) to a glass jar or bottle.It is ready to be stored in the refrigerator and has a long life span.Shake it before use.You may also add some essential oils as per your skin type like tea tree,lavender essential oil for oily and acne prone skin or rose oil for dry to sensitive skin.

I love using this homemade toner as it has helped me with blemishes and scars and is an excellent way to detox your skin each day,which means it also checks and controls acne and pimples.The best part is that it is natural and does not harm skin.I do use a cosmetic toner as well, Fabindia's tea tree toner is my favourite (read it's review here) fabindia tea tree skin toner review.but my homemade toner is my HG toner now coz it offers numerous skin benefits and is dirt cheap!!

Hope you guys enjoyed my homemade recipe of toner and would give it a try!!Do let us know how did you find the toner after use.

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