10 Must Know Orange Peel Powder Benefits

Most of us know about the benefits offered by oranges and this is one fruit which is used in many ways.But what most of us don't know is that its peel or skin which we usually throw can be used for many purposes as well.Orange peel powder can be homemade or purchased ready made.This post would unveil some wonderful benefits offered by the orange peel.

10 Must Know Orange Peel Powder Benefits

10 Must Know Benefits Of Orange Peel Powder :

1. It is a wonder powder i must say because it brings an amazing glow and shine to your face and it    does all naturally.

2. Orange peel powder is also very helpful with oily skin and clogged pores.

3. The powder is also very effective in treating acne/pimples from skin.

4. Another benefit offered by this powder is treating blemishes and acne scars.

5. Orange peel is also used to treat any insect bite or any sort of inflammation on skin.

6. The amazing citrus fragrance of orange peel refreshes and rejuvenates your skin and body if used while bathing.

7. Orange peel powder can be mixed in water along with few drops of lemon juice and used for facial steam.It is very helpful to lighten and brighten up your skin.

8. Orange peel power is also used to naturally bleach your skin.

9. Orange peel powder can be applied as a paste on the scalp to make hair shiny,soft and manageable.

10. It also acts as a wonderful astringent and skin toning agent.

Now that we all know about the benefits offered by orange peel,don't throw them instead dry them under sun for a week so that it can be crushed easily,then powder them smooth enough and indulge your skin in exorbitant benefits of orange peel powder!!

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