Avon Simply Pretty Eyeliner Blackest Black Review

Hello everyone :)
Today, I'm going to review avon black liquid liner from their simply pretty range. 
Okay, I know it was launched before but I'm new here ;). I love liners and there is
 hardly any day I don’t apply it. Read on to know how it fared. :)

Price: 110 INR

What the product claims?
·         Applies smoothly and evenly
·         Long lasting & smudge proof
·         Dermatologist tested

Ingredients: Not mentioned

My experience:
The eyeliner comes in a cute glass bottle with black cap. The cap is long and it’s easy 
to hold it which makes application easier. The bristles of the brush are thin so you can
control the width of eyeliner accordingly. But the bristles are less and it is not good. 
The color of the liner is 'intense black' which justifies the name completely. I apply the
eyeliner with another brush and one stroke is enough to get the color. It stays for 4
hours on my eyelids without smudging. It also claims to be waterproof but that’s not
true and it cannot withstand water. It also strings when it gets in contact with my 
waterline. Since the bristles are thin it becomes difficult to apply the eyeliner and it
sometimes even coat my lashes and I need to remove it. I bought it only because 
of the color and I regret now because I sweat a lot and it doesn't stay with me for 
long. I don’t use it anymore now and I won’t recommend it to anyone. It’s an 
average kind of eyeliner and at this price there are many other BETTER options 
available in the market.

  • Affordable
  • Color is intense and justifies the name
  • Stays for 4 hours
  •  Doesn’t smudge

  • Not waterproof but claims to be
  • Brush is useless
  • Not easily available
  • Stings when gets in contact with waterline
TBLP Rating: 2.5/5

Will I recommend? No.. I won’t.. It’s an average kind of eyeliner; there are many 
better options available in the market.


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