Biotique Botanical's Bio Fruit Face Pack

Another excellent purchase from Biotique Botanical's.The best thing i like about this brand is that all their products are formulated from natural ingredients.I spoke many times about my love for natural and herbal products and how i easily get attracted to these products.So I recently bought their fruit face pack and i really love it.

Biotique Botanical's Bio Fruit Face Pack

Packaging : Pack comes in a green tub packaging which makes it hygienic.It is of salmon pink color.

Price : 189 INR for 85g.

Ingredients : Multani mitti (Fuller's earth) 5%, Geru (Garric)2.5%, Yasad bhasama 1.5%,Tamator (Lycopersicum esculentum)3.0%, Ananas (Ananas comosus)5.0%, Kikargaund (Acacia Arabica)2.0%, paste base Q.S.

Product Description : This luxurious de-pigmentation pack is blended with the juices of pineapple, tomato, lemon and papaya fruit to visibly lighten skin for a fairer, flawless look.With regular use,skin reclaims its soft,smooth,youthful tone and texture.

About Biotique Botanical's Bio Fruit Face Pack : Its a good face pack but should be used preferably in summers,it can be a bit drying in winters.This pack when applied gives a tingling sensation on face but i feel happy about it because i know its doing wonders to my skin.This pack has a rich fragrance of tomato in it.I love the colour and fragrance of this face pack.Not only it does an excellent job of cleansing the pores of skin, it also brings a glow to your skin which lasts for a few hours.So its an ideal face pack to be used before any party.As it says that it is an flawless whitening face pack and also helps with pigmentation.I wont comment on this because one has to apply this face pack religiously to get that flawless skin and i only use it when i need that glow on my face.But because its an herbal face pack it doesn't harm your skin in any ways.


1. Contains all natural ingredients.

2. No allergies.

3. Brings a glow to face.

4. Cleanses the skin excellently.

5. Travel friendly.

6. Nice fragrance.

7. Easy availability.

Misses :

1. Tub packaging is little unhygienic.

2. Not very economical.

3. It makes skin dry in winters.

Recommendations : Yes i would strongly recommend this face pack to all you beautiful and wonderful people who read my blog.People who like to use fruit face packs should definitely try this face pack!!

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Reviewed by Himshikha Khati on December 11 2012
Rating: 4


  1. Hi there I have very visible hyperpigmentation on one side of my face and have been dealing with it for 25yrs. Is this the best facial remedy to use for black skin, how long do you think it will take for my skin to reach its natural colour and how many times should I use it for best results?


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