Lotus Herbals Rose Tone Facial Skin Toner Review

Hello girls :)
How are you all doing?? So here I am up with another review. This product was 
recommended by my "Parlour Aunty" :P and I’m in love with it. Read more to know
why i love it so much.

What the company says: Completes the perfect cleansing routine. Provide a glowing, 
smooth complexion and reveal fresher skin.

How to use: After cleansing, wipe face and neck with cotton moistened with Rose 
Petals Toner.Can be used as a cleanser to remove superficial impurities.

Ingredients: Extracts of rose petal, tulsi leave, Vetiver and aloe vera gel.

Price: INR 185

My take on Lotus Herbals Rose Tone Facial Skin Toner:
I think that cleansing toning and moisturizing is a MUST for everyone. And since I have 
oily skin (T zone) I can't afford to skip it. So, I was on a hunt for perfect rosewater and
asked the beautician at my regular parlor and she recommended me Lotus Herbals Rose
Tone Facial Skin Toner and said it’s very effective. So, I thought of giving it a try. I love 
rosewater as you can use them in face packs or use them as toner. Since entire day I am
in front of computer I put few drops of rosewater in my eyes to feel relaxed.

The rose-tone is packed in long transparent bottle which is good as you can see how
much product is left and it has spray dispenser on top of it. Packaging of rose-tone is
sturdy and thus travel friendly too. I am using this rose-tone from the past 1 month and 
still there is lot remaining. After cleansing my face I use rose-tone and this works wonders.
It reduced my pores to an extent and this is the major reason I use toner as I have open
pores. Though it makes my skin a bit oily but it never broke me out plus the greasiness is 
reduced after sometime. I think it is perfect for dry skinned beauties and also for people 
like me who have slight oily skin and open pores. I skip my moisturizer after using it as it 
has moisturizing effects. I sprint few drops of rose-toner before applying foundation and
this reduces my pores and also controls sweat to some extent. I also mix it with my face-
packs and it gives satisfying results. So, overall my experience with Lotus Herbals Rose-
Tone Facial Skin Toner was satisfying.

  • Affordable
  • Reduces pore size
  • Has moisturizing effect
  • Controls sweat
  • ideal for dry skinned beauties
  • Alcohol free (claimed)
  • Makes skin oily but never broked me out. (Even I have t-zone oily).
  • I can’t use it in eyes as it contains many other ingredients other than rose petals.
Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend Lotus Herbals Rose-Tone Facial Skin Toner: YES, you should 
definitely give it a try.

Will I purchase Lotus Herbals Rose-Tone Facial Skin Toner again?? Again a big yes!! 
I love it! :D


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