Rustic Art Delight Aloe Shampoo Review

Organic and SLS/SLES free shampoos are quite a fad these days.
Apparently because sulphate free shampoos offer more benefit and
less harm to your hair and scalp in the long run. If you use shampoos
with sulphate in them very often and in huge quantities,not only they
irritate your scalp and make it dry and itchy but these sulphates come
under such category which can easily penetrate through your skin and
travel through your blood and cause some serious problems.

The shampoo I am going to review is from a brand Rustic Art and the
shampoo Rustic Art Delight Aloe Shampoo which is not just SLS/SLES
free but also paraben and silicone free and interestingly its a vegan, cruelty
free too. This shampoo definitely has lots to offer in quite an economical
price. Read on further to know how does this shampoo fare in its claims.

Price - INR 290 for 200ml

Ingredients - See pic below

Product Description -
  • Free of SLS/ SLES
  • Free of Paraben
  • Vegan Product
  • Hand- Blended
  • Biodegradable
  • With goodness of  Aloe Vera

My Take on Rustic Art Delight Aloe Shampoo -

Ever since my childhood I have been using herbal shampoo's so I wasn't
sure how would an organic shampoo be different from a herbal shampoo
when a friend was raving about the benefits of using a organic(no sulphate)

So the inquisitive mind of me wanted to explore more about these shampoo's.
Then I figured out that apparently organic shampoo's are actually the ones
which don't have sulphate ( SLS/SLES) and parabens in them which unfortunately
my herbal shampoo has. I was pretty okay with my existing brand of shampoo
until when I tried a hair treatment called Smoothening, where certain amount
of chemicals are used to give your hair a natural smoothening effect.

So as obviously when you get a hair treatment done there is a need of using
professional range of shampoo's and conditioner meant for such hair type.
I started using matrix range, which mind u was great for my hair and did an
amazing work of protecting and maintaining my hair from daily wear and tear.
I am not too sure was it because of this shampoo or the hair treatment or just
the season which lead to a series of hair fall.

Then came an immediate need to address my hair fall issue and the first thing
to check was my diet, lifestyle and add vitamin supplements in my diet, this
did help to an extent but an actual change came in when I decided to use
SLS/SLES free shampoo which tend to dry the scalp and irritate them,
thereby leading to more hair fall.

I came across few brands which manufacture sulphate free shampoo but
what caught my fancy was that Rustic Art shampoo's are not just organic
but also vegan and biodegradable and its always a great idea to save our
environment by doing your small bit, even if that means using a biodegradable
shampoo for that matter. Now comes the part, did this shampoo fare well to my

I am quite enjoying the pampering this shampoo is doing to my hair.Its a
clear gel type consistency shampoo which lathers decently not too much
not to less, sufficient to get off dirt, grime and even oil off your scalp.
Even if you oil your hair overnight and then use this shampoo it will give
you a squeaky clean finish. Now I have seen many people say that an
organic and sulphate free shampoo should not have any lathering agent
and be free of any chemicals, that's not true because a shampoo is meant
to lather and clean your scalp from oil and dirt which is not possible without
any lathering agent,that's the first job of a shampoo. However all organic
shampoo's have mildest lathering agents in them which are so mild on your
hair and scalp that they don't cause any irritations unlike SLS/SLES which
are absolutely harmful for your scalp in the long run and they can even
penetrate your hair shaft and go into your blood stream.

But the best way to use this shampoo will be to dilute it with water while
applying it in your scalp, this way you don't have to fear of your hair and
scalp getting dry and this will also tackle your frizzy hair issues. It says
that that the shampoo is for all hair types but I figured out that oily to
normal hair type would benefit from it greatly, however the one's with
dry scalp and hair have to use a thick and creamy conditioner to prevent
your hair from getting frizzy. But this shampoo has controlled my hair
fall considerably so I am going to continue using it to find out if it totally
stops the unwanted hair fall, another good thing is that it imparts a beautiful
shine to hair and your hair appears more bouncy and fuller, Using a
conditioner along with it will make it so soft and smooth. If you skip using a
conditioner then you only get a good shine and bounce because it would not
make your hair soft and smooth probably coz it doesn't contain silicones in it
which are largely responsible for smoothness in most shampoos.

Another thing that I dint like about it is the smell of the shampoo,which is not
so pleasant and appealing to my nose. I don't know how to describe it but its
quite peculiar.

Pros -
  • Organic Shampoo
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • No SLS / SLES
  • No Parabens
  • No Silicones
  • Cruelty free and vegan
  • For all hair types
  • Helps in reducing hair fall
  • Makes hair shiny
  • Good quantity
  • Makes hair healthy and fuller

Cons -
  • Availability
  • Not so pleasant smell
Recommendations - Its a decent organic shampoo free of harsh chemicals 
that irritate your scalp and cause hair fall. Though its not a budget option
but yet fairly priced as compared to other organic shampoos in the market.


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