Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

I have always been look out for a facial mist or water which soothes and
relieves my skin from the redness and irritations caused by acne treatments.
I wasn't aware of any such thing like Thermal water and its benefits untill
recently when I visited my Dermatologist and she advised I use Eau
Thermale Avene Thermal Spring water. And then I did a research as to
find out which spring water would be the best and Avene stood out.

So here's the review of the same, find out more about it below.

Price: INR 550 for 50 ml

Ingredients: Avene Thermal Spring water(Avene Aqua) , Nitrogen.

Product Description:  Key element for sensitive , hypersensitive, allergic
and irritated skin.

Its unique and constant composition gives it soothing and anti-irritating
properties proven by numerous scientific studies. Tested by dermatologists,
it is a key element for sensitive, hypersensitive and allergic skin.

Usage: Diaper rash, Various irritations, Razor burn, After hair removal,
To set makeup , Sunburns, Facial redness, After exercise, In summer,
During travel.

Spray a fine mist on your skin. Wait for a few minutes, then gently pat dry.

My Take on Avene Thermal Spring Water: If I have to describe this product
 in one word I'd say "magical".It holds true to its claim, after spraying on to
your skin it makes it soft and supple by hydrating it well. It's the best facial
mist for people with rosacea and redness caused by sunburn, rash or acne
treatment. There are many other French brands selling spring water but this
one seems to be the best so far.I don't have rosacea but when my skin
gets red with use of certain acne treatments this is first thing i spray on
my face and Voila the redness caused by the inflammation subsides.

It has very less salt content so you don't really need to wipe off the excess
after spraying.  It gets easily absorbed by skin without making it dry unlike
other spring water brands.

It a must have in your bag to freshen up your face or prep your face before
makeup.It helps to set the makeup when used after. Models across the world
swear by this product to get an instant boost of skin hydration.

Pros : 

  • Hydrates skin well
  • Doesn't leave a dry feeling
  • Best suited for all skin types 
  • Acts as a toner too
  • Can be used along with acne treatments
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Freshens up tired face

Cons : Price could be one such cons but as long as it continues the magic 
it does to my skin, I am definitely buying it time and again. 

TBLP Rating : 5/5

Recommendations: Its my HG facial mist/ spring water. I never wanna let
go off this product.Thank god Avene came up with such a worthy product.


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