5 Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda

Baking soda as the name indicates is a type of salt used for baking purposes,but
did you know baking soda is a very cost effective beauty rescue ingredient.Baking
soda has some excellent exfoliating and healing properties which helps not only
to cure pimples,scars but its marks too.Baking soda finds its use in hair care also.
Since baking soda has a high PH level it should not be used on sensitive skin
or wounded,rashes,sunburned skin etc.Baking soda can be mixed along with
your favourite shampoo and face wash and used daily.

Baking soda has multiple beauty benefits but in this article we would cover
our top 5 benefits of baking soda. Read on to know more :

1. Blemish Vanisher - Its indeed a well known fact that baking soda to an
 extent helps to fade and lighten blemishes and scars too.What baking soda
does is it gently exfoliates the dead skin cells and helps in cell renewal,
giving a way to new healthy blemish scar free skin. For best results on oily
skin use it with plain water and for dry skin mix few drops of extra virgin
olive oil to provide nourishment to dry skin.Keep this pack for good 10-15
mins on face and then gradually with fingertips in  circular motion scrub it
and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Don't over scrub your face else it would turn up to be a bee stung face. :-)

2. Dandruff  Eliminator - Another great use of baking soda is to get rid
of some nasty dandruff sitting on your head.baking soda is quite effective
in getting rid of flaky dandruff,helps with itchy scalp and also clears off
any build up developed due to the use of  hair products.Try and use it as a
hair mask for 20-25 mins and then wash it off with your regular shampoo.
This will give your scalp a clean and finished look,besides helping you
get over dandruff.Though it might not work magically in just one day
but consistent use(thrice a week) of it helps.

3. Pimples/Acne Healer - Acne and pimples are caused due to excess
 oil secretion or sebum on face which clogs down your pores.In order
to soak the excess oil and dirt from face we can use baking soda,it
effectively absorbs impurities from face and also helps to control
further acne and pimples by unclogging the pores.Baking soda can be
mixed with some water and applied on acne and pimples for good
15-20 mins and then can be washed off with warm water,followed
by cold water.If your skin is very sensitive then try and keep the pack
for about few minutes to check,if it irritates and stings your skin then
its not advisable to use it.

4. Teeth whitener/Polisher - Baking soda has another amazing benefit
of it as a teeth whitener and polisher.When you use little baking soda
to brush your teeth,all it does is due to its high cleansing and exfoliating
properties it scrubs off plaque from your teeth to you give you brighter
and shinier teeth.It also helps to keep your gum strong,but a word of
caution here is to use it in limited quantity and limit the use to maximum
twice a week.

5. Face and Body Exfoliator-  Last but not the least,baking soda also
finds it use as a body scrub,courtesy to its granulated appearance makes
it an amazing exfoliator. The way it clears of face from dirt,grime and
excess oil; it gets body get rid of dead cells and reveals smooth and soft
skin beneath.You can mix some honey and few drops of lemon juice in it
and make it an exorbitant & luxurious body scrub.This can be tried twice
or thrice a week and you are sure are in for some surprise(how good your
skin looks and feels).

This was our comprehensive list of some amazing benefits baking soda
offers, so this dirt cheap ingredient of your kitchen is worth a try.If you
few more benefits it offers do share it with us by dropping in your
comments below.


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