How to Make Makeup Last Longer and Better

The wedding season is on and this is the time you want your makeup to last longer.
For weddings you start getting ready at around 6-7pm and when the time comes
to leave the house, almost half of the makeup is already gone. The lipstick sheen
vanishes and face starts looking dull so we always hunt for long lasting makeup
products and learn some tips and tricks that can be life-saver.

Here are few tips and tricks which will help you in keeping your makeup lock in a
place. The tricks are not time consuming or difficult, you just need few extra seconds.

Wash away the dirt: the dirt, sebum and old make are the first reason to make
your face dull. If you apply makeup without washing your face then your makeup
will slip off soon. So Wash your face with a gentle soap or face wash to remove
these dirty particles from your face. Avoid using harsh soap or face wash, it will
make your skin dry and cause irritation, which can make your makeup come off.

Use Waterproof makeup products: before you go for your makeup, make sure
that you are using waterproof makeup products. As we perspire, the makeup slips
off. So using waterproof products is a good idea to make your makeup long lasting.

Moisturizer: if you have oily skin, then you should go for gel moisturizer and if
you have dry skin then go for a more nourishing one. Don’t use a creamy
moisturizer as it can make your face slick for makeup

Use Primer: The first thing you should use to lock makeup in one place is use
a Primer. People are still not aware what a primer is and trust me, it’s such an
important step. Primer will make your foundation,concealer, blush to wear
throughout the day. It also makes pores looks smaller and gives a smooth
base for foundation or BB creams.

Remove facial hair: Applying makeup becomes difficult if you have facial hair.
Go for full face threading if you want your makeup to look even and to make it
last longer.

Finishing Spray or Mist: A finishing/setting spray takes away the powdery
look of makeup while keeping makeup intact in place. You can use it before
or after applying any powder makeup and it will make your makeup look
natural and gives dewy finish. So, use setting sprays… they are basically
hair spray for your face.

Use Eye primer: Using eye primer can make your eye-lid smoother for
application and will make your eye-shadow look more vibrant. After you
have applied waterproof eyeliner you can set it using powder to make it
last even longer. Take angled eye brush and then take matching eye
shadow powder and press it on top of your eyeliner to set it.

Waterproof Mascara: For eyelashes, don’t use mascara primers just use
waterproof mascara and it will stay till for all day.

Define and fill lips: Use lip-liners to define lips and also fill them in to make
a base for your lipstick. Use dark colored lipstick, it will wear off to stain and
then you can apply lip balm on top.

Don’t do your makeup in hurry: after every layer of makeup you apply,wait
for a few minutes then go for the next one. This will help your makeup to stay
for a long time.

Avoid touching your face: every time you touch your face, you remove a bit
of your makeup. So avoid touching your face again and again to prevent your
makeup from smudging.

Try these tips, I can assure you that you won’t regret. And let us know your
experience below. :))


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