7 Best Fairness Tips for Oily Skin

Oily Skin, as we hear this, we start imagining a dirty face with lots of marks,
pimples, patches etc.etc. Aren't we?? But this is just a myth that if one having oily
skin so he/she can’t look good.

 But I can prove this myth wrong. I, myself has oily skin and I am having this
 “oily skin problem” since I was 14. I have faced a lot of problems from many
years. I have used many ointments (medicinal), creams, tonics etc but none
worked on my face. Because of this, I lost all my self-confidence and started
trying to stay at home rather than to go outside in parties etc. But now I am
really happy with my face as I have found the proper home remedies for my
skin to look good and much fairer. Today, I am sharing these with you, people.

We usually believe that allopathic medicines and ointments are good to use,
as their advertisements set a myth in our minds that they work much more
effectively than the home remedies.But it is not true. Everyone in this so-called
world wants to be FAIRER, to look glamorous and dazzling.

So there are some remedies for oily skin to help you people to look much fairer
and beautiful.

1). Fruits have been particularly known for lessening the oil of the skin.So let
 start with them first.Take a bit quantity of apple juice then add a few drops
of lemon juice in it. And apply this mixture on your face properly and leave
for 15 minutes. Then wash your face with rose water. Rose water can be used
daily for washing purpose.

2). One more remedy from fruits. Take a papaya and mash it properly.Add some
drops of honey to it and mix well. Now add 2-3 spoons of milk to this mix and
mix it well. Then apply this mix to your face properly. Then wash it off and pat dry.

3). Just take a small amount of milk and apply it on your face. Then wash your
face with water after 10 minutes. Mothers use this for formula for their infants.

4). You can also use ice to remove excess oil from your face.For this purpose
 you need to take an ice cube and rub it on your face for a few minutes.
 Use this formula daily.

5). Now a vegetable face pack for you. Take some juice of cucumber and
add some drops of honey in it. And apply it on your face and let it be for
15 minutes.Then wash your face and see the instant results.

6). Now here is a tip for non-vegetarians, apply egg white as a face wash
 two times a week. It adds the glow to skin.

7). Coconut milk is also a solution for oily skin. Apply it to your face twice a
week. It contains several minerals which remove the excess oil from skin.

Try these remedies and let us know your feedback.


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