Revlon Sparkle Eye Shadow Kit Review

Revlon is becoming quite a sought after brands these days as it is coming up with
new and unique products to lure us.This is my first experience with this brand as I
happened to never use it before.Up on review is Revlon's Excellent Sparkle Eye
shadow Kit which was gifted to me and since then I look forward to occasions
where I can wear eye shadow.So check out the review and find out if it would
be the suitable one for you.

Price - not mentioned on cover

Nt weight - 2gx14

Ingredients - see swatch for details

My Take on Revlon Excellent Sparkle Eye shadow Kit - This is my second branded
eye shadow kit which has 14 funky sparkling shades and I am getting quite fond of applying
eye shadows often.I quite like the packaging of the kit and also the fact that the color stays on
for quite long and one glide of the brush on your eyes and d color is bright enough to be evident.
The colors are very vibrant and has little sparkle in them which make eyes look very attractive.
Since it is from a well known cosmetic brand so no fear to eye area getting affected.

The color plates are also rightly sized and would stay on for a long time unless you are a
rampant user of eye shadows.So am enjoying using my Revlon eye shadow kit and would
try any other kit for some colors not present in this kit,else am totally satisfied and its worth
trying if you catch hold of one in India.

Pros - 

  • Stays on for very long
  • Quite clear visibility
  • One swipe is enough to transform eyes
  • Attractive trendy colors
  • Reputed cosmetic brand
  • Big brush for easy application
  • Attractive packaging

Cons -

  • Availability could be a problem ( since I did not find it online)
  • Price could also be high I am assuming(it is a gifted stuff) it since it is from a Revlon brand

TBLP Rating - 5/5 

Recommendations -  Yes if you are fond of sparkle eye shadows and if Revlon is the brand you like.


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