Acne Scars its Types and How to Deal with them

Acne scars not only leave a mar your face but it also has a detrimental effect on your
personality and self confidence.Acne scars are easier to be treated when they are fresh
and just about few month old after your skin has healed completely from acne and
pimples.There are generally 3 common types of acne scars and this article discusses
them and some ways to treat them.Acne scars are usually treated by considering some
topical and Invasive methods.
Read on the article to discover the the various techniques involves in tackling acne scars.

1. Box Scars - These are round or oval shaped scars giving an appearance of box
hence called box scars and have sharp vertical edges.There are two types of box scars
one being shallow box scar and other one deep box scar.Shallow ones are 0.1-0.5 mm
in depth and can usually be treated with conventional skin surfacing and topical
methods.Deep box scars which are usually >0.5 mm in depth require full thickness
treatment techniques.

2. Rolling scars - Rolling scars appear when there is a loss of fat or muscle under the
 skin, and it is usually caused due to over production of collagen.These are kind of
depressed scars that give the skin a wavy kind of texture or as if a roller has
unlevelled your skin.Conventional skin resurfacing techniques do not give good results
for rolling scar,it gives results with dermal filling.

3. Ice pick Scars - These are narrow sharp kind of scars which makes skin appear
as if it has been punctured with an ice pick,hence ice pick scars.They are narrower
than 2 mm and extend deep into dermis or sub cutaneous layer of skin.Ice pick scars
do not give the desired results with conventional skin resurfacing methods.

How to Deal With Acne Scars -

  • Topical or Non Invasive Treatments
  • Non Topical or Invasive Treatments

Yes there are some natural ways to get rid of acne scars,though they are time
consuming but does give some relief,since I have already covered a post on it
earlier I will not mention them here,you can refer the post here

1. Topical Treatments Include - Topical treatments are the one which include external
 applications of substances on the affected area.

a. Tretenoin creams -  These are topical creams which contains natural derivatives of
Vit A which helps in healing up the scarred skin.These creams do make skin photo
sensitive so it is ideal to use it at night only.Another important thing to keep in mind
is use this cream only after 20-25 of washing off face.Some common side effects include
peeling of skin,redness etc,but it would gradually get better after few uses.
We don not recommend the use of these creams without 
Dermatologist prescription,this is for informational purpose only.

b. Bio oil - It contains many natural oils and its derivatives found useful in healing scars
effectively,though there have been no research proving the fact but many users of Bio
oil have claimed it to be the best anti scar topical treatment.What makes it appealing is
the the fact that it is very economical method as compared to other.

c. Vit E Capsules - Vit E is also considered to be pretty good when it comes to
healing early signs of scars,Vit E is found in many anti scar creams and lotions
claiming it to be the most common and economical ways of tackling scars.But it
would be ideal to use Vit E only when your skin is free of acne and pimples else
it would aggravate the problem.

2. Non Topical Include -  In non topical treatments external devices or surgical methods
are used to treat scars.

a. Microdermabrasion - In this method a derma surgeon uses a wire brush to
sand away the top affected layer of skin,the new skin grows where the damaged
skin was brushed off revealing a much smoother and contoured look of skin.

b. Chemical Peels - In this method instead of brush chemicals like glycolic,salicylic or
lactic acid are used to peel off scar tissue,which stimulates new skin growth.

c. Derma Rollers -  Derma rollers is a device fitted with many tiny surgical needles
and it is used in way that derma roller is moved on the scar tissue which makes slight
holes and ruptures the affected area,and it gradually heals by forming new skin layer.

d. Laser Resurfacing -  In this method laser machines used to sloughing off the scar
tissue,making a way out for the new skin to develop with much more smooth finish and
almost zero visibility of scars.

e. Dermal Fillers - There is a variety of dermal fillers that can be injected into acne
scars to raise the surface of skin and make skin appear smoother and fuller.Dermal
fillers are not a permanent solution to acne scars and need to be re-injected after a
span of 6 months.


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