Top 7 Hair Ingredients for Smooth and Shiny Hair

To have smooth,shiny and glossy hair is dream of all.But the important question
remains how to achieve it?Well there are lot of hair care products in the market
to help you achieve luscious locks but the effect is not long lasting.Some natural
ingredients does not only help you achieve beautiful mane but it also helps to
retain that shine and texture  for quite long.

In this post we'll talk about some very known and effective ingredients to get
beautiful,shiny and luscious locks naturally.

1. Eggs -  Eggs which are full of proteins not just make a healthy and tasty breakfast
 but is a wonder food for our skin and hair too.Since our hair are made up of proteins
 so eggs provide full nourishment to our hair and make them shiny and lustrous.Applying
 egg hair mask once or twice does the trick and end are results are great.

2. Yogurt - Yogurt like eggs are rich in protein and vitamins which is required for healthy
and shiny mane.As we know yogurt protein is helpful in controlling frizziness,dryness and
treats damaged hair effectively.A bowl of yogurt with one or two eggs along with some
olive oil is great for maintaining shiny and lustrous hair naturally.

3. Aloevera  - Aloe vera has the goodness of a substance called alloin which not just
keeps skin but hair moisturized,nourished and healthy.Aloe vera is also considered to
help with hair fall and hair loss and because of it finds its place in most beauty and hair
care products.Aloe vera can be mixed in yogurt,egg or applied in its pure form.

4. Apple cider vinegar or White vinegar - ACV is known to reduce frizziness,
greasiness and dullness from hair quite effectively. ACV is best when it comes to
getting shiny and lustrous mane.Due to the presence of Vit C it cuts down the
greasiness and dirt on the hair shaft which make sit looks dull and lifeless. ACV
 can be used as a final hair rinse to get shiny hair and remove dandruff.

5. Bananas - Bananas have great moisturizing and nourishing  properties and it
 instantly brings smoothness and shine to hair when applied as a hair pack mixed with
yogurt or just itself.This pack can be used once or twice a week depending upon the
need of nourishment to hair.

6. Honey -  Honey is also good for dry,dull and lifeless hair which needs more shine
 and bounce.Honey also has moisturizing and nourishing properties and helps to tame
frizziness and dullness of hair naturally.Honey should be used as a hair pack mixed
with yogurt and egg to yield optimum results.

7. Ayurvedic Herbs -  Few Ayurveda herbs like Amla,shikakai,Reetha,Brahmi and
Bhringraj when used as a hair pack help with hair fall, hair loss,hair growth,shiny hair.
These herbs when used in powdered form improves hair quality,color and also texture.
With consistent use you will see a great difference in the quality of hair.Hair appears
more healthier,shiny and luscious with each use.

So these were the few natural ingredient and ways to get shiny,smooth,healthy
and more beautiful hair.Any of these ingredients can be used to achieve great results.
But combining all these ingredients together and using it as a hair mask would be very
effective and helpful.Do let us know how you find these remedies for shiny and luscious
hair by dropping in your comments below!!

By Himshikha 


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