Streax Perfect Shine Hair Serum Review

Hair serums raided markets a long time back but even now there are many who
still feel apprehensive about such advanced hair care products.Silicon oils are a
major ingredient in almost every hair serum which have been under scanner for its
adverse effects on hair.But no such studies have proved it so far.There are two types
of silicone oils used in hair serums,non soluble and soluble.Soluble are the ones which
can be washed away with water on the other hand non soluble ones can only be washed
of using detergent or shampoo. Streax hair serum contain non soluble silicon oils and
gets washed off only using shampoo which helps to keep hair protected for long.
This post would feature Streax Perfect Shine Hair Serum review.

Price - INR 175 for 100 ml

Ingredients - See swatch for details

Product Description -  Smoothes dry,frizzy and unruly hair.Natural  moisture-locking
and conditioning effect of Walnut Oil helps in enhancing hair smoothness and your hair
stays shiny,nourished and manageable all day.

My Take on Streax Perfect Shine Hair Serum - This is the first time ever I tried
anything else apart from normal stuff(shampoo,conditioner,oil).I am a old school girl
when it comes to hair care also am very apprehensive about my hair and the products
I use for it.I believe our hair is the best reflection of our personality and once lost its
very difficult to retain them,so one needs to be very careful with what goes onto your hair.

Anyways too much of gyaan :)) so coming back to the product I would say its a nice
hair serum and I quite like the results it is showing with each use.It does live up to the
expectations it claims.I have an oily scalp with dry ends with becomes very frizzy after
each wash.But for me till now oiling before each wash was doing the trick but after using
this serum I feel it is also important element of hair care. In-fact I remember I read
somewhere,a dermatologist said that hair serum should and must be used after each
wash and they are very important to maintain hair texture.So this kind of prompted me
to go in for hair serum and I heard of this brand looked quite unique in terms of the
ingredients used.It has the goodness of walnut oil and Almond oil both excellent for
hair.After hair wash I pour some serum in my hand and rub it with my fingers and run
it through entire hair from top to bottom avoiding scalp.After my hair dries naturally I
did experience much evident smoothness and shine on my hair and my frizz also got
controlled to an extent.But people with extra frizzy hair  need to try it out to find its
effectiveness,if used extra it might weigh hair down.My hair felt quite soft,smooth,
manageable and quite ready for any hairstyle.Another important thing is that it
entangles you hair which was always a concern for me,since it lead to hair breakage
which got controlled after its use.My hair certainly looks very healthy and luscious.
I like its fragrance though it may be overpowering for some but I guess all hair serums
do have some fragrance since they make hair smell good.

Pros -

  • Has goodness of walnut and almond oil(my favourite)
  • Smoothes hair perfectly
  • Makes hair luscious and shiny
  • De tangles hair effectively
  • Helps to tame frizzy hair to an extent
  • Prevents from hair breakage
  • Can be used to style hair using blow dryer
  • Nice fragrance 
  • Sturdy bottle
  • Affordable price

Cons -  

  • Contains silicon oil(non soluble) which is a main ingredient for all serums,so not a big problem
  • Large quantity may be required of your hair is super frizzy

TBLP Rating -  4.8/5 

Recommendations - Since this is the first time I have tried my hands on hair serum,and
I have already said so many good things about it.But to conclude I have to say that it a
good serum for the price it offers.Does all that a good serum is required to do.So I would
certainly suggest this one until I find a better one than this.


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