Lotus Herbal Purestay Powder is in C2 Bright Angel Review

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to review a compact from lotus herbals in the shade “C2 bright angel”,
I think there are 5 shades available and this matched my skin tone so I bought this.
I have heard good reviews about this and that is why I was expecting it to be really
good. Compact powders are my best friend because I have oily skin and they help
in making my face oil free for long hours and I also love the finish compact powders
provide when topped on foundation. Read further to know more about this compact
from lotus herbals.

What the Lotus Herbal Purestay Powder claims?
Pure stay face powder visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and
sun damage giving you a gentle luminosity and the appearance of a naturally flawless 
complexion all day long. This compact is preservative free formula that also sets the 
foundation when used over it to give that perfect finish.

Price: Rs 595 9gms

My Experience with Lotus Herbal Purestay Powder is in C2 Bright Angel:
The packaging is really elegant and it comes in bulky and sturdy pink mirror-finish
compact with lotus herbals written on it. The packaging looks luxurious and obviously
it has to be because you have spent 600 Rs on a face power. It also has a HUGE..
(Yes a huge one) mirror inside which is really good. The packaging is really elegant
and travel friendly too,I usually carry it in my bag and I love the huge mirror as it
makes things simpler.It also has a puff applicator inside but it has nothing special in
it, but good for application.
The texture of the face powder is soft and buttery smooth which glides like a butter
on face that too effortlessly. I have used Lakme and Maybelline face powders before
but this one is the best if you ask me. It gives medium coverage which is enough on
daily basis and thus it can be used alone also. After application it gives a matte, soft
finish to my face and also hides minor blemishes which I have on my cheek. Though,
don’t expect it to work like a foundation please. I have oily skin and the main purpose
of using a face power is to control oil and this does an amazing job in that, yes it controls
oil from my face for around 5 hours which is commendable especially in the hot weather
of New Delhi(India) The formula is light and thus it doesn't look heavy on face and gives
a very natural looking feel.

When topped above foundation, it works great in setting it and gives a natural look and
also helps in making it stay intact for long hours. After using it, I understood that if your
foundation and face powder are applied rightly and are of good quality then your
makeup can last long and can look natural too. Overall, I am really happy with the
face powder from lotus herbal and I highly recommend it to everyone.

The good points:
  •  Beautiful and luxurious packaging
  •  Huge mirror which helps in easy application
  •  Buttery smooth texture which glides like a dream
  • Gives matte and soft finish
  • Gives medium coverage and hides minor blemishes
  • Doesn't feel heavy on face
  • Looks natural
  • Not at all chalk like
  • Controls oil from face for maximum 5 hours
  •  Fills up pores and gives pore-less finish
  • Preservative free
  • SPF 20

The *not so good* points:
  • Price is high

       TBLP Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: If you like matte finishes then this face powder is worth every
 penny you spend. It hides minor blemishes, gives you pore less finish, controls oil
 for 5 hours,helps in making foundation intact for long hours, contains SPF 20 and
gives natural looking finish to your face.

Lotus Herbal Purestay Powder is in C2 Bright Angel
Reviewed by Mansi Chauhan on Oct 08 2013
Rating: 5


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