5 Natural Tips to Treat Dark Knees and Elbows

Dark Knees and Elbow are a result of excess melanin production in that area or
rightly called as hyper-pigmentation.Our Elbow and Knees are the most exposed
parts in our body which leads to its dark color,it also happens because we don't
exfoliate and moisturize these areas much as compared to rest of our body.Since
these areas are more prone to dust,sunlight,pollution it results in the accumulation
of dead skin cells or layers around them causing the much visible darkness.

It does get frustrating and annoying at times to know that you can no longer flaunt
your toned legs in favourite skirts and hot pants because of the darkness which
kinda looks odd.I am sure most of us must have faced similar situation at some
point in time and in those time natural remedies and some patience along with it
goes a long way in treating dark knees and elbow.

In this post I'll talk about the top 5 natural remedies which are helpful in treating dark
knees and elbow effectively. Hope this post is some ways help people facing similar
issues like I did some time back. So here's the list :

1. Baking soda and lemon juice - this remedy tops my list as it is an excellent yet easy
method to get rid of dark knees and elbow,baking soda works as a mild exfoliant along
with bleaching properties of lemon juice,this remedy is also useful for treating acne scars.

2. Lemon Juice and Sugar - another useful remedy is of sugar and lemon juice,it
works in the same way as baking soda and lemon, however sugar acts as a coarse
exfoliant minus any lightening properties but when used with lemon it becomes a great
exfoliant cum bleach.

3. Licorice Powder - Licorice as we know is a well known skin lightening agent and
has been used in many brightening and lightening skin products like face pack, scrub,
creams etc.It is a slow performing ingredient but with regular usage and time gives
prominent results.It can be used with rose water,plain water or milk or yogurt(curd).
Yogurt would be ideal as it contains lactic acid another great skin lightening agent.

4. Olive oil or Almond oil -  Olive oil or Almond oil is also great when it comes to treating
dark knees and elbows solely because dark knees and elbow are caused due to dryness
and lack of hydration/moisturization in that area, so olive or almond oil works by proving
required moisturization thereby reducing the darkness.

5. Gram flour,turmeric and lemon juice - Gram flour is a wonder natural exfoliator and also has some properties of skin lightening ,so along with lemon (a natural bleach ) and turmeric with skin brightening properties works best in treating dark knees and elbow.

Few points to keep in mind while following these natural remedies are :

- It is very important to keep these areas clean and exfoliated, and you can do it by
 using a loofah or a mild scrubber on that area daily while taking shower.

- Next important step after exfoliation is moisturization, remember skin darkening is also
 caused due to less hydration and moisturization.

- Also make sure when you go out in sun so along with your face, apply sunscreen to
 these areas too.Do not neglect them.

- You can also try and use bleaching on your knees and elbow occasional,it does help.

-  Hydroquinone is also being prescribed by Dermatologist these days for treating dark
 knees and elbow, one can certainly try them along with the above mentioned remedies
 but not regularly may be twice or thrice a week is good to go.But make sure you don't
use it excessively as it may further darken and harden your skin.You may try either 2 %
or 4 % hydroquinone.


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