Beauty benefits of ChickpeaFlour (Besan)

The paste of grind chick peas or channa dal(lentil) is known as gram flour. We all know
the beauty and health benefits of gram flour as it is an age old trick. So, today I am
compiling a post on the benefits of gram flour. I hope you enjoy it! J

Gram Flour or Chick Pea Flour Face Pack

Tan Remover: Tanning is a very common problem nowadays because of the harsh
sun rays and sunscreen is not enough to prevent it. So, if you suffer from tan then mix
3 tbsp gram flour with yogurt and pinch of turmeric. Apply this mixture on affected
areas for 20 minutes and wash away; you will see results in just 1 week. J It removes
tan and makes your skin glowing.

Body Polisher: Body polishing is really important step and we should do this step at
least three times a month. It’s better to make body polisher at home and you can make
one easily. Take half cup gram flour, half cup rice flour and make a paste with the help
of raw milk and rose water. Apply this paste all over your body and let it dry.Gram flour
exfoliates and removes oil from skin whereas milk nourishes body.

Remove Facial Hair: Besan(Gram flour) is the considered to be the best facial removing thing.
Take gram flour and fenugreek powder in equal quantity and make a paste with the
help of water. Apply it on face and let it dry, after it gets dry wash your face with 
cold water. Doing this every alternate days help you in getting rid of unwanted facial hairs.

Face Pack: We all know that gram flour has natural cleansing properties and that is
why it is used in almost every face pack. In fact you can make your own too by mixing
gram flour with honey, lemon and rose water to make a paste. Apply this paste daily for
20 minutes as it gives instant glow to face which is long lasting because it contains all
natural ingredients.

 Long and Healthy hairs: Don’t be amazed… gram flour is very beneficial for our
hairs too. Don’t trust me? Try yourself! J
Take gram flour and almond powder in equal quantities and make a paste of it with the
help of curd and olive oil. You can also add vitamin-E capsules for added benefits.Apply
it on hairs and keep it till it dries. This hair pack nourishes hair and is ideal for dry and 
damaged hairs.

Knee and Elbow: Knee and elbows are always dark then hands but using gram flour '
pack regularly ca help you in whitening these areas. Just mix gram flour with lemon and
apply on knee and elbow for about 15 minutes and then wash. You will see results instantly.

Face Wash: Gram flour can also work great when used as face wash as it has cleansing
properties and removes dirt completely. Mix gram flour with raw milk and apply on face
for 5 minutes and then wash it off. This face wash is ideal for oily skin types as gram flour
also controls oil secretion. It also removes makeup…. Amazing no??

Do you know any other uses of gram flour? Please share! J


  1. Hi there! I want to make a facial cleanser with chickpea flour but I'm vegan so I wouldn't use raw milk, what can I use instead? Coconut oil?

    1. Hi, You may use almond milk instead or may be a lighter oil like jojoba oil.


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