3 Basic Things to Know Before Applying Eyeliner

3 Basic Things You Should Know Before Applying Eyeliner Eyeliner is an
important area of cosmetics. It can help to give you a bold look and 
outline your eye area without having to spend a lot of time or effort. 
No matter whether you want a soft outline or a bold, dramatic stroke,
you are able to embellish your eyes with several minutes in front of 
the mirror. 

Eyeliner on Eyes

Choose An Eyeliner

There are a few main factors to take into consideration when you decide
to use eyeliner. What color or texture, and type of application will you 
want to use? Eyeliner will usually be available in pencils, cream, or a liquid. 
While you may not be aware of the range of colors available, you're not 
limited to black anymore. As a general rule of thumb, people with darker
hair should go with darker shades, and lighter hair should go with lighter
shades, but you don't have to stick with these rules if you're going for 
a different look.

For a smooth, fine line, a cream eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is the best 
choice. These are easy to control and can be applied closely to the 
lash line. For a smudgy, blurred look, consider a pencil. These pencils 
usually are a little chunkier and you'll typically end up with a thicker 
line.You can smudge them with a fingertip to get a bolder look.You 
don't even necessarily need to buy eyeliner, you can also use a
powdered eye-shadow.Mix with a small amount of water and use an
eyeliner brush. Be aware that while it's easy to choose less expensive
types, you may decide to get a nice brand, especially if you like to 
wear eyeliner on a consistent basis. 

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Choose Your Look

Are you wanting to end up with a bright, daytime look, a pensive evening 
look, or something else entirely? The thickness of the eyeliner in addition 
to the placement are all going to give you a different appearance. 

For your upper eyelash line, you want to always apply the liner as close to
your lash line as possible. Start with a thin line at first. You can always build
it up later if you want, but thinner is best to start out with. If your eyes turn 
down at the ends, use the eyeliner to turn them up slightly and create a more
youthful look. If you want to be more dramatic, line the outside corner of your
eyes more thickly. But, don't extend your liner much past the outside corner 
of your eye. This gives you a theatrical look you probably don't want.
For your lower lash line, you want to be a little lighter with your application. 
Line only the outer two thirds of the eye to avoid giving yourself a ringed 
appearance. The eyeliner should also connect with the back corner of your 
upper eyelash line to create a natural look. It's also a good idea to use a 
thinner line. Heavy application on the lower lid is going to look like your makeup
is smeared, not a great overall appearance. 

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Use Makeup Strategically

You do need to put on your makeup in the right order to create a look that's
going to last the entire day. Eyeliner should be applied over your eye-shadow, 
but use it before you put on mascara. It's a general rule of thumb to make it 
one of the last steps in your makeup routine. Begin by putting on foundation,
blush, and any other makeup, before moving on to your eyeliner application. 
For the best results, it's also a good idea to use a good eye-shadow primer
before. The primer can be rubbed near the eyelash line where the eyeliner 
will be applied. This will not only keep it from smudging, it'll also give you a 
bright, fresh look throughout the day. 

These basics are a great way to get started putting on eyeliner correctly. 
If you're tired of struggling with eyeliner, but like the definition that it provides,
then it's a good idea to spend a little extra time in this area. With these tips, 
you can avoid overall looks that are going to give you an unflattering appearance
and instead end up with a polished final look. Use these tips to both choose and
apply liner everyday or for special occasions.

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