4 Natural Tips to Treat Graying Hair

4 Natural Tips to Treat Graying Hair

Graying hair is a condition when hair starts loosing its pigment.It is normally associated with ageing but in today's time its a very common hair problem which can happen to any age group people.Premature graying is the term used or it and is the most distressing problem for anyone.

It is caused when the pigment called melanocytes is no longer produced in the hair follicles.And this can be caused due to ageing or any medical condition.We all know stress of any kind can be harmful for our body including our hair.Another major causes are constant worrying,washing hair in hot water,malnutrition,treating hair with excessive chemical treatments and using hair dryer too often.Another major causes for this condition could be sinusitis or consistent cold, heredity can also play a vital role in
premature graying.In-fact hair color used by many which contains chemical like ammonia
on our hair to cover gray hairs there have been incidents of people reporting that
their hair which were not gray turned grey with use of some hair colors and dyes.

There is no such medicines available to treat graying hair other than relying on hair colors and dyes but strangely there are few natural or Ayurveda remedies which can be used to get rid of premature graying hairs.One popular and old myth says that we should not pluck gray hair as it would result in many gray hair,however there have been no medical proof to such myth and it has been busted.Logically if you pluck any hair strand you pave way for new ones to appear but I am not suggesting you to try it.

So in this post I have mentioned some very effective and useful natural remedies to treat your premature graying hair.

  • The best remedy for graying hair is known to be Indian gooseberry (Amla).You can grind the fresh fruit and apply it on your scalp or you can take its powdered form ( 2-3 tablespoon) soak in 500 ml of water overnight,next morning boil the mixture till the you get a thick paste sans water.Apply this over your scalp for good 30 minutes or an hour and wash it off with lukewarm water.This would not only treat your graying hair but will make it silky,smooth and will also improve its texture.Use this paste three times a week to reap its maximum benefits.

  • Another very effective remedy is to use curry leaves(kari patta) infused coconut oil.To make it take handful of curry leaves,grind them into a thick paste using little water.Now take 100 ml or 200 ml of coconut oil in a open pan and heat it for 5 minutes,next put the curry leaves paste in it.Heat it for 10- 15 minutes on low flame until you find the oil changing it color.Turn off the flame and keep the vessel aside overnight,next morning strain the oil and pour it in a glass jar or bottle and you are ready to avail the benefits of this truly magnificent oil.If you stay in colder cities,try to warm the oil before straining it as coconut oil condenses in cold climates.This oil if used consistently 3 times a week can help you get rid of gray hair.It is also a very nourishing hair making them strong and healthy.

  • Amaranth leaves juice are also very beneficial in treating gray,dull and limp hair.The juice when massaged onto the scalp can help to darken your hair.

  • Take equal quantities of Indian gooseberry powder(Amla /Emblica Officinalis), Bhringraj powder(Eclipta Alba/ False daisy),Black sesame powder and 1 teaspoon of Henna (Mehandi) powder.Take a bowl and make a paste of all the ingredients using water or you can soak these powders in some water overnight,boil the mixture till it becomes a thick paste and then apply this pack over your scalp and hair to treat your gray hair.This is a very effective and beneficial remedy to treat gray hair,falling and thinning hair.Use this pack once a week to maximize its benefits.

These remedies have proved to be very beneficial for gray hairs in Ayurveda and few of these have been tried by me as i  had 1-2 gray hair in the past but after trying these remedies it became a past!!So hope it proves to be beneficial to you all.Let us know if you had success with any of the mentioned remedies!!

Much Love


  1. i have some questions :
    1: i am applying first remedy ,is this necessary to boil the water
    2: after apllying the first remedy , hair falling increses bcoz o my ruff hair

    please sugeest me , my hair graying problem is increasing fastly


    1. Hi ghytr
      No its not necessary to boil water.Try these remedies and it will help with your falling hair also.If it still continues we would advice you to please a dermatologist.

    2. tell me the other way how i can use the aamla for my graying hair

    3. Other way to use amla is in its powdered form,soak few tablespoons of amla powder,bhringraj powder,tulsi powder depending on your hair length in some water overnight.Next morning apply it over your scalp for 45 minutes and then wash off with water.All these remedies are useful for premature graying hair.


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