How to treat Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes Naturally

How to treat Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes Naturally

Dark circles around your eyes can be a reason of stress, much exposure to sun, lack of sleep,moisture and hydration around eyes.Puffy eyes on the other hand is caused due to excess sodium and fluid retention, hormone changes, stress and other factors.Most of you would agree that all sorts of creams and gels we use to get rid of dark circles do not show great results and at the end we have to rely on natural remedies as they work best for dark circles and puffy eyes.
We got a lot of queries from our readers about dark circles and its natural remedies,so here we are with a post on it.We have mentioned different remedies for dark circles as well as puffy eyes separately.

Dark Circles 

1. Green tea bags - the best remedie to treat dark circles naturally is to use green tea bags,it is a very common yet effective natural remedie to get rid of dark circles under your eyes.The antioxidant properties of green tea helps in lightening the dark area around eyes.You can use it twice a day to see faster results.

How to use - take two brewed green tea bags and refrigerate them for 1-2  hours and place them over eyelids for about 1/2 hour and just relax and enjoy the coolness it will give to your eyes.

2. Potato slices - this is also a very effective natural remedie to get rid of dark circles and dark spots on your face as well.Potato has a cooling effect on tired eyes and has natural bleaching properties which help to treat dark circles.

How to use - take two thin slices of potato and refrigerate them for 1-2 hours and place them over your eyelids for 1/2 hour and rinse your face with cold water.

3. Almond oil -  Almond oil also helps with dark circles the reason being area around our eyes is very sensitive and delicate and need proper hydration and moisture to look fresh.So due to lack of moisture and hydration we do get dark circles.Using almond oil regularly can help with dark circles under eyes.

How to use - take few drops of good quality almond oil and massage it gently over your eyelids for few minutes before going to bed on a daily basis.In few weeks you will see some good results.

Puffy Eyes

1. Cucumber slice - the coolness of the cucumber juice or slices regulates circulation around eyes and there by helps in reducing puffiness.Also using green tea bags can help with dark circles and puffy eyes as well.

How to use - take two cold slice of cucumber and place it over your eyes for around 30 minutes and just lay down in a manner that your head is elevated using a pillow,this would reduce circulation.Do this regularly to see quicker results.

2. Vaseline -  Vaseline as strange it may sound has a active ingredient in it which helps to reduce puffiness by conditioning and locking in the moisture around your tired puffy eyes.

How to use -apply a thin layer of Vaseline over your eyelids and gently massage it for few minutes before going to bed.I have been using it daily to keep my eyes nourished and thereby preventing it from darkening and getting puffy.

Puffy eyes can be caused due to sinus congestion also, so make sure you get treated on that.Few points to keep in mind to treat puffy eyes are-
Splash you eyes and face with cold water as often
Reduce your sodium intake as it causes water retention.
Reduce your intake of fluids and water right before you sleep as it may cause puffy swelled eyes next morning.
Keep your eyes moisturised and hydrated.

Hope you liked our post.Let us know if you have tried any one remedie and what were the results!

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