Homemade Ice Toners for clean,clear and Glowing skin

 Homemade Ice Toners for clean,clear and Glowing skin

As summers are approaching most of us with oily,sensitive or combination skin are in a need of good skin toners to keep our skin squeaky clean and hydrated.How about using toners in ice form,not just they are cooling and refreshing on skin,they help in bringing a healthy glow on skin and keeping blemishes and acne away.Another benefit of using ice toners is that they are natural and can be made for different skin types.
So in this post I would talk about few home made ice toners made from different natural ingredients.

1. Watermelon juice and rose water ice toner - this ice toner is good for all skin types,helps with skin lightening and brightening.It cleans skin from within thereby preventing skin from acne and blemishes.
Rose water acts as natural skin toner and hydrator while watermelon helps in cleansing skin effectively form within.

How to make - take an empty ice tray,mix some watermelon juice and rose water(2:1) in a glass and pour it in the ice tray and place in freezer.Use it once a day after cleansing your face or whenever you need to freshen up your face.

2. Aloe Vera juice or gel ice toner - also suitable for all skin types,this toner helps in achieving healthy,soft
    and glowing skin.It also helps in fading acne scars,dark spots and acne and blemishes from skin with   regular use.As it is 100% natural it can be used daily twice a day.

How to make - take an empty ice tray and pour some organic aloe vera juice or freshly made gel from the plant.Pour it in the tray and keep it in the freezer.Use it on face very gently by placing it in a clean cloth and
lightly dabbing it on skin in circular motion.Fresh aloe vera gel can be made by peeling the skin of the plant and then blending it using some water.You can also add some rose water and few drops of lemon juice
in the mixture before freezing it to make it more soothing and effective for oily and pimple prone skin.

3. Green tea ice toner - suitable for all skin types,this toner is very good for acne prone skin and to lighten
    dark spots and scars.As green tea is known to have highest antioxidant properties, which fight free radicals which are harmful for our skin and are the cause of skin ageing darkening, wrinkles,spots etc. With regular use it would show great results on acne and blemishes.Use it twice a day to see faster results.It also helps with acne scars and spots.

How to make - take an empty ice tray,pour freshly cooled green tea and keep it in the freezer,use it as often required.

4. Cucumber, tomato juice ice toner - suitable for oily and acne prone skin,this natural ice toner has cucumber and tomato which fights acne and pimples,has skin lightening properties,are good natural astringent and also helps with scars and dark spots.

How to make - take an empty ice tray and pour some mixed fresh cucumber and tomato juice along with few drops of lemon juice in the tray and freeze it. People with sensitive oily skin should avoid using it very often,use whenever required,for oily acne prone skin it can be used twice a day in summers.

All these ice skin toners are natural,safe and quite effective to use.Ice as we know helps in reducing any inflammation ,redness,eruptions on face and also scars so when ice is made is made using the above mentioned ingredients its benefits gets doubled and we get healthy, clean and glowing skin without spending much money.
Hope all you lovely readers liked these home made ice toners and will give them a try this summer.Let us know if you have any queries and did you like these ice toners in the comments below!!

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  1. So in this post I would talk about few home http://www.levelaforskincare.com made ice toners made from different natural ingredients.

  2. I haven't done anything special to prevent acne no more book stores excess skin or scars. At the end of the day I think it was just genetics and luck. Some people think my age had something to do with it too. I'm 32.

    1. Glad to know that Elizabeth!! would request you to please avoid pasting any links in your comments!!


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