Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Hydration Lotion Review

Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Hydration Lotion

Calamine offers lots of skin benefits and has been a part of our skin regime since a decade.I did a post some time back about the benefits offered by calamine lotion on skin Click here for benefits of calamine lotion on skin.In this post I will talk about Lacto Calamine specifically and will review it as well.

I bought the green bottle of Lacto Calamine which is for hydration and i mix it with another calamine lotion named Calak Lotion which is my HG zit reducer lotion, you can read its review here Calak Lotion review.
My skin is towards a combination type so i do need little more hydration when season changes,which made me thought why not combine two calamine lotion and double its benefits and i will be saved from double efforts of first applying Calak lotion then topping it with moisturizer when the season is dry.You can also try this method if you have a combination skin or oily skin.Another best part is that it does a fair job of covering spots and scars and also minimizes any eruptions on face.

Price - INR 90 for 60 ml

Ingredients - Aloe Vera and Kaolin are the active ingredients, for more ingredients see the swatch below.

Product Description -Daily nourishing lotion for hydration and maintaining skin vitality with the goodness of kaolin & Aloe vera.See the swatch for more details.

How good is Lacto Calamine Hydration - well i would say i quite like it as it does provide the hydration my skin needs yet not making it greasy, oily or leaving any white cast on face.Can be used as a primer base for makeup.Make sure to apply it on a damp face right after shower as it absorbs the best then.Does also help with removing dead and dull layer of skin and to an extent helps in minimizing  acne and pimples.I saw the ingredients list and found it has castor oil in it which i was quite happy about as castor oil is very good for acne,pimples and keeps skin moist and glowing.It provides a protective layer and prevents from dust and pollution and does not clog pores which is very important quality for a skin lotion.So all in all a good calamine lotion and i love it most when i combine it with Calak lotion.

Lots of likes i already mentioned and hmmm did not find any dislike other than the price.

Rating - 4.75/5 ( 0.25 deducted for the price)

Hope you all did find the review interesting and would give it a try.Let us know if you have questions and queries to ask!!

Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Hydration Lotion
Reviewed by Himshikha Khati on April 25 2013
Rating: 4.75


  1. Great for this type of weather now coming thx for the info

  2. hello... Is there any natural way to shrink the face pores ?
    and for young, shining and baby soft face skin?
    Thank You

    1. Hi Neena , yes for reducing the facial pores egg whites can be applied twice a week,and within few weeks you would see the desired results.Also for younger looking skin make a pack of fresh yogurt(curd) along with honey and grounded almonds to get that baby soft,glowing skin naturally.

  3. hi i got the new bottle of lacto calamine skin balance.can it be used during daytime as i sweat excessively on my face.will using calamine lotion help reduce the dullness n dark skin caused duevto facial sweat.

    1. Hi Beena

      Yes you can use skin balance during day time,as it is good for oily skin and also helps to get rid of dead skin cells from face thereby reducing dullness and dark skin.

    2. Another important thing to keep in mind is if you have dry skin then use lacto calamine hydration(green cap bottle),but if you are prone to oily skin then go for classic one(purple cap bottle). Hope that helps.

  4. Hi, I have some pimples and dark & red marks on my nose, near my nose and on and around my chin. My skin routine is cleanse, apply Aloe Vera and then moisturize,every night I do the same but add calamine lotion after. Is there anything that you can suggest for clear smooth skin?
    Anya Khanna

    1. Hi Anya

      Continue using aloe vera and calamine lotion it will help.You may also add lemon juice mixed with honey in your routine to treat pimples,dark spots and blemishes.This pack does help to achieve clear and flawless skin. :) :D g-) :-f

  5. hi guys,

    please check out my review on facial hair trimmer from an amazing product...


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