Fabindia Vs Himalaya - Which is more Impressive?

Fabindia Vs Himalaya - Which is more Impressive?

Choosing a right product among a hell lot of range of brands is a very challenging task and to make it more complex is similar functional product from different brands.Its nice to have variety in life but it can be confusing at times.Which one to pick and which one to drop?? So i decided to come up with another post on Neem face pack from two big brands,highly popular among Asian beauties because of the benefits offered by Neem on skin.

Fabindia Neem Pack VS Himalaya Neem Pack - Which is more Impressive?


Value for Money - Well if i compare the price of both Himalaya is comparatively cheaper than Fabindia for the same quantity offered. Fabindia is INR 225 for 100 ml while Himalaya is INR 115 for 100 gm.Both being Neem packs there is certainly a huge difference in the price structure.
Winner : Himalaya

Skin Friendly Ingredients -  Though Himalaya says that the product has 100% herbal actives,and their key ingredients list is quite impressive as it mentions only Fuller's earth,Neem and turmeric however it contains some In-actives or Parabens aka preservatives like Sodium Methylparaben IP, Sodium Propylparaben IP, Imidazolidinyl Urea, DMDM Hydantoin.While Fabindia has a long list of ingredients including some Parabens and chemicals like SLES, it is normally used in shampoo and soaps so it makes me wonder why in a face pack??( See swatch for fabindia's complete ingredients detail).Fabindia does have some unique ingredients like almond oil and neem oil which is appreciated, but my vote goes to Himalaya simply because it has less inactive ingredients than Fabindia.

Winner : Himalaya

Efficacy of Product -  Though both are neem packs but each one has different claims,Himalaya says it helps with pimples and acne while Fabindia helps with tightening pores and giving a radiant look.I find both as good detox packs but when it comes to delivering what they claim then fabindia would take away few more points than Himalaya.I'll explain how and why i find Fabindia litter better than Himalaya,if we look at the claim made by Himalaya - it's a purifying pack preventing recurrence of pimples and helps in controlling acne, it did not help with existing pimples nor it could prevent fresh bumps also i find that it drys my skin (good for very oily skin).So it was a little disappointment but it's a good skin detox pack and does help with controlling oil and sebum and tightening pores of skin.
On the other side Fabindia claims that it tightens pores,softens skin,gives a fresh radiant look and helps diminish marks.It did not diminish any mark but all other claims are quite satisfying and the best part is it does not dry skin.So one can take time some to apply moisturizer,while for Himalaya i have to immediately apply moisturizer else my skin becomes stretchy and dry. So the decision is based on the product with most efficient efficacy.

Winner :  Fabindia

Packaging/ Look of the product -   When it comes to look of the product i would say Fabindia looks appealing and a delight with its cute tub packaging which tends to break easily,but what i like most about Himalaya is their convenient and hygienic tube packaging.So i prefer tube packaging over tub packaging as it is more hygienic to use and travel friendly.One can see the presence of neem leaves in fabindia and for Himalaya the color says it all.What i don't appreciate in both the pack is the strong fragrance which can be annoying for people with sensitivity to it.Here Himalaya scores more than Fabindia.

Winner :  Himalaya

Who's the final Winner ? 
Well it has to be Himalaya with 3 points over fabindia. Himalaya neem pack is economic friendly,travel friendly,skin friendly, hygienic,does a decent job as a skin detox pack.

Fabindia Vs Himalaya Neem Pack
Reviewed by Himshikha Khati on March 03 2013
Rating: 4 for both


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