4 DIY Glowing Skin Face Pack

To get a glowing skin is every girls dream and we try and use all possible cosmetics to achieve it.Cosmetics can to an extent help you get glowing skin but the results are always temporary or short term.We have always heard everyone including our mothers saying that what we put inside (food) reflects outside which is absolutely true but we cant deny the fact that using natural ingredients on the outside can get you soft and glowing skin.So this post would talk about some DIY face packs for glowing skin without having spend lots of money over cosmetic products.

DIY Tomato and Cucumber Pack : I would say this pack when used not only leaves your skin soft and glowing but is also good for effectively fading acne scars and spots.It is loaded with goodness of tomatoes and cucumber which is rich in vitamins like A,B6 and C.This pack would also help with open pores because of cucumber's astringent properties.

Required : Fresh Cucumber pulp/juice (1 tbsp), Fresh tomato pulp/juice (1 tbsp), Lemon juice (few drops) can also be added for additional benefits.Can be skipped if your skin is sensitive. Use it once or twice a week.

How to use : Take a small bowl mix all the ingredients well,apply it evenly on your face and neck using your fingers and massage for 1 min in circular motions and leave it on for 10- 15 minutes.Wash off your with lukewarm or cold water as you prefer,apply your favourite moisturiser.While pat drying your face you will find  your face is glowing beautifully. :))

This is how the pack looks like

4 DIY Glowing Skin Face Pack

DIY Oats and Yogurt Pack : Another excellent face pack to give you that soft healthy glowing skin.Oats are considered to be an excellent cleanser for even sensitive skin and curd contains good bacteria quite helpful to get you hydrated glowing skin.This pack also has honey in it to provide softness and suppleness to skin.

Required : crushed and grounded oats unflavoured (1 tbsp), fresh /organic yogurt (1 tbsp), honey (1 tbsp). Can be used twice a week.

How to use : In a bowl mix all ingredients well, apply it onyour face and neck evenly.As this pack has a little runny consistency becasue of oats so use it carefully to avoid spilling it over your clothes.I always land up spoiling my clothes while using it :)))) keep it for good 10-15 mins then wash off with lukewarm/cold water(as u prefer),pat dry and moisturise your skin to see how your face would dazzle and glow.

This is how the pack looks like


DIY Chocolate(cocoa) Pack : I use this pack once a week specially on weekends to pamper my skin completely and my skin just loves it!!
Why go to expensive parlors when you can easliy indulge your skin with a chocolate pack at home and way too cheap.You gotta try it yourself to enjoy soft glowing skin at home with this exorbiant looking pack. :)))) Cocoa as we know contains antioxidants which are just amazing for your skin and health.

Let me confess honestly i cant stop myself from licking my fingers while preparing this pack because it smells heavenly(it would sound familiar to people who are crazy for chocolates and chocolate smelling foods!!!) and you just cant resist it.

Required : Cocoa powder(1 tbsp), honey(1tbsp), yogurt(1tbsp) and coffee powder( 1 tsp) optional but it would double up the amount of antioxidants in this pack as coffee is also a source of antioxidants.

How to use :  Mix all the ingredients well using a brush or hand, apply the pack evenly on your face and neck.It can also be used over your body before you go for a shower.Keep it for some 10-15 mins and wash off with lukewarm water, pat dry and conclude with a moisturiser to find that smooth  radiant skin.

This is how the pack looks like

DIY Lemon and Honey Pack : Another wonderful yet very effective pack to get that naturally glowing skin. Lemon contains lots of vit c which is very good for skin and also has bleaching properties making it an ideal choice to get a bright even skintone.and honey just balances the acidity of lemon in this pack and provides nourishment and hydrates skin.Olive oil as it contains lots of vitamins,proteins and minerals to give you a healthy skin and what is interesting to know about olive oil is it is noncomedogenic so it doesnt clog pores and can be used on oily and acne prone skin aswell.
This pack can be used on all skin types.

Required : Fresh lemon juice(1 tbsp), honey (1tbsp), extra virgin olive oil (5-10 drops). Can be used on every alternate days.

How to use : In a bowl mix all ingredients well, apply it evenly on your face and neck.Leave it on for 10-15 mins,wash off your face with lukewarm/cold water.Pat dry and follow up with a moisturiser.You would find a natural glow on your skin which would last little longer unlike cosmetic products.

This is how the pack looks like

Well i am not averse to cosmetic products i do use them as well however i believe in using natural and homemade face packs because they are gentle on your skin with long lasting effects.Once you try these packs you would definitely stick on to them forever. Hope this post was useful,do try these packs and let me know about your experience of healthy,fresh glowing skin with these wonderful pack!!

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