Amway G and H Body Shampoo Review

My hunt for the best body shampoo for dry skin is finally over.To my rescue came Amway's body shampoo from their Glycerin and Honey range.I am quite fond of citrus smelling body washes but was pleasantly surprised with its mild fragrance which will linger in your senses.So i was very excited to review my HG body wash cum shampoo(Amway Glycerin and Honey body shampoo).

Amway G and H Body Shampoo

Price : 405 INR for 350 ml.

Ingredients: See the image below.


Product Claim : Leaves skin feeling soft and smelling fresh.Use as a body and hair shampoo,bubble bath or hand wash.


About Amway Glycerin and Honey Body Shampoo : Amazing is the word to start with,it leaves my skin feel fresh,clean and moisturised at the same time without drying it in winters.But people with very dry skin mite find it over drying so i would suggest to use it in summers only.Another good thing is that it's an multi purpose product as mentioned in the product claim.Only a coin size of it is required to make a rich lather using loofah and make your skin clean and fresh.So it makes an ideal choice for a good value for money body shampoo or wash.I just love indulging my body and senses in its awesome mild sweet fragrance :) Also people who have sensitive skin like mine should always look for products with no strong fragrance as it might irritate skin.

Hits : 

1. I love its fragrance.

2. Can be used both in summers and winters.

3. Very less quantity is required to make rich lather.

4. Does an excellent job of cleansing the skin without over drying it.

5. Makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated after shower.

Misses :

1. Highly priced.

2. Can be bought from Amway members only.

3. Packaging is not quite attractive and travel friendly.

Recommendations : I would highly recommend it because i was not quite satisfied with all the body washes(dove) i have used earlier,so i was looking for something which would suit my skin in winters specially.So Amway's Glycerin and Honey body shampoo fits the bill!!I will rate it 4 out of 5, 1 less because of its high price.

Amway G and H Body Shampoo
Reviewed by Himshikha Khati on January 31 2013
Rating: 4


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