Khadi Cream Cleanser Pudina Review

I always try and follow the CTM(cleansing, toning, moisturising) routine religiously.For the cleansing part i prefer using face wash over cleansers as i was under the impression that cleansers should preferably be used by dry skin than oily skin people but khadi cleanser changed my impression completely. What i love about this cleanser is that it suits my sensitive acne prone skin and did not break me out once.It is an antiseptic pore cleanser thus an ideal choice for sensitive skin.Khadi cleanser is my HG face cleanser and it effectively removes makeup,dirt & grime from face.Also, as it is a khadi manufactured product it's natural and free from chemicals.

Khadi Cream Cleanser Pudina

Price : 120 INR but i got it on discounted rates 102 INR from a shopping website.

Packaging: Cleanser comes in a transparent bottle with black cap,the packaging may look boring to some but i like products in transparent bottle as i can see what's inside the bottle and it gives me satisfaction.

Ingredients : Mentha Spicata0.3ml, Aloevera Tourn 1ml, Ocimum Sanctum 10g, Glycerin 15ml, Sodii Biboras 5g, Sta Wax 30g, Bees Wax 15g, Light Liquid Parafin 65ml, Preservative 3g, Purified Water.

Product Description :  An ayurvedic antiseptic cleanser of skin which helps to deep cleanse the skin and remove dirt and pollutants from the skin pores and prepares the skin for further treatment.It can also be used as a antiseptic pore cleanser.Rub on face,elbow& neck gently with finger tips in circular motion for 5-6 mins and clean with moist cotton. Don't rub on acne and pimples.



About Khadi Creme Cleanser Pudina : I  totally love the khadi cleanser!!Though its a cream based cleanser yet it suits my oily skin and the best part is it does not leave skin greasy or shiny & there are no breakouts on skin.I apply it on my face massage it for few minutes and then follow with face wash.It also removes makeup effectively from the skin without leaving any traces.Because it's an ayurvedic preparation it did not cause any allergic reaction to my skin.It has a minty fragrance which is very soothing and calming.It is even capable of removing waterproof makeup.

Hits :

1. It can even remove waterproof makeup effectively.

2. Small coin size quantity is required to cleanse the face.

3. It has pudina like minty fragrance which is very calming and relaxing for skin.

4. Inspite of being cream cleanser it suits oily skin.

5. Very economical for the quantity it offers.

6. Simple packaging which makes it travel friendly.

7. Mild scrub granules which are not harsh on skin.

8. It is an ayurvedic product.

Misses :

Availability can be a problem as there are not much Khadi stores in the country and they don't stock all items however one can buy Khadi products online from few shopping websites.

Recommendations : Yes i would definitely recommend Khadi cream cleanser pudina as this is my HG cleanser and I'll consider buying another bottle once i am done with this bottle.

Rating : 5/5

Khadi Cream Cleanser Pudina
Reviewed by Himshikha Khati on October 04 2012
Rating: 5


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