Bioderma sensibio H2O micelle solution Review

Micelle solutions are made by aggregating surfactant molecules dispersed in
a colloidal solution. Its a very effective formula being used in many makeup
removers these days and its quite a rage. There are many French Brands
manufacturing micellar solution but the best one is from the Brand Bioderma
which is a very popular brand widely available in French pharmacies.

Bioderma offers a varied range of beauty and skincare products but are one
amongst the few brands that have an entire range of products made for
sensitive skin types. So this review is on Bioderma's famous and very
popular Sensibio H2O micelle solution ( makeup remover).

Price: 599 INR 100 ml

Ingredients: In the pic below

Product Description:

 *Removes makeup and soothes sensitive skin
 * Excellent tolerance
 * Non rinse
 * Paraben free

Soak a cotton pad, Cleanse/remove makeup from face and eyes. Dry gently.

My Take on Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution : I am sure many of you
have heard about Bioderma brand and its micelle solution and this product being
the best in the market. I am not much of a makeup person but like to use kajal and
lip color on and off, so getting the best makeup remover was always on my list.
Prior to using Bioderma I tried using Johnsons baby oil or almond oil, they
served well for my eye makeup but because my skin is acne prone yet sensitive
I had a fear of breaking out and I actually did at times. Though there many brands
selling makeup remover but not many cater to sensitive skin types and are sans
alcohol and perfume free.

This was introduced to me by a friend who has similar skin type as mine, so
I happily obliged to use it and I can vouch for the fact that it has been the best
makeup remover cum toner cum cleanser all in one. Then later I bought one and
have been satisfactorily using it since then. No breakouts, no redness, no trace of
makeup, oil and dirt. It can be safely used to remove eye makeup too.

Though removing waterproof mascara can be a little troublesome but it does wipe
it off in two- three swipes. The best part is after a hectic day out or late night party
when you feel lazy enough to wash your face and remove makeup, all you can do is
wipe your face using this and you need not use face wash later as it is a rinse free
remover which effectively does the job of keeping your skin cleansed like any other
face wash. I heard few people say that they did not like the remover and might have
encountered a duplicate product, the original one forms bubbles around when
you shake the bottle, that' an identification that its an original one.

After first swipe
After second swipe

Pros :

  • No alcohol
  • No paraben
  • Perfume free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No rinse formula
  • Suitable for sensitive intolerant skin
  • Safe for eyes
  • Cleanses, tones and removes makeup
  • Does not cause breakouts
  • Sufficient quantity
  • User friendly packaging
  • Soothes and calms red inflamed skin
  • Removes makeup (eye, face) effectively

  • Price could be a issue for some
  • Availability

TBLP Rating: 5/5

Recommendations: I am absolutely satisfied and in love with this product, Its my HG
makeup remover. Go grab one if you haven't laid your hands on it yet.


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