Top 5 Facial Moisturizers for Winters

When winters approach or are about to offset there is a need to use the best moisturizer
available in the market.Good moisturizers help to keep skin soft,supple,smooth and
thereby preventing skin from harsh winters which suck up all the natural skin oils.So
to ease out that situation we thought of coming up comprehensive list of top 5 facial
moisturizers.Read on to know which ones are on our list.

1. Nivea Creme or Nivea Soft Moisturizer - Nivea has been an age old cosmetic brand
and specially its creams,ever since it came to India it has been popular for its excellent
moisturizing creams.They do wonders to our skin in winters,though their creams do not
have strong and prominent fragrance but the sweet,mild fragrance is very appealing.
This makes it ideal for even the sensitive skin too.Nivea creams comes in two variants
one is the regular blue tub and the other is Nivea soft with jojoba oil and Vit E.

2. Lakme Fruit Moisture Moisturizer -  Lakme is a very sought after brand for its
cosmetic and makeup products and one such product is Lakme fruit moisture.It comes
in three variants and each variant is good to make skin soft and smooth.You can try
either of these but my personal favourite is Peach and Plum though the rest others are
good too.Its fragrance is very pleasing and lingers for quite sometime.

3. Olay Moisturizing Lotion -  I think this is the only moisturizer which is water based
yet equally effective for skin in winters and summers too.It is a very light texture
moisturizer which instantly gets absorbed,an ideal moisturizer for any makeup base.
It has a mild fragrance but a pleasing one of course,does an excellent job as
a moisturizer keeps skin soft and supple for a long time.There are no variants of it
but this would work for all skin types.

4. Fabindia Vit E Skin Hydrating Cream -  Its not been a long time when
Fabinida launched its cosmetic products and ever since they have become hot
favourite for many.There are many Fabindia's product which are doing very well
and one such product is its Vit E skin hydrating cream.It comes in two variants
one for oily skin and the other for normal-dry skin.It does have a little thick
consistency but it does get evenly absorbed on face.

5. Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream and Face Moisturizing Lotion - 
Another good moisturizer in our top 5 list it comes in cream as well as lotion
form.It will suit all skin types well.Himalaya cream is the only cream in our list
with some herbal ingredients.Will keep skin soft and supple even in winters.
The cream variant has a thick consistency and takes 5 minutes to completely
get absorbed in to skin.It also has soothing fragrance which does lingers for
some time.

This is our list of the best top 5 facial/skin moisturizers in winters,let us know id we missed
out some really good moisturizer which should be on our list.


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