Top 5 Beauty Tips to Bleach Skin Naturally

Bleaching skin is quite a normal beauty regime for many,specially it is a boon for
people with some facial hair.One can retort to contemporary methods like cosmetic
bleaches and bleach creams to lighten and brighten the skin,however natural methods
are the safest when it comes to bleaching the skin without any side effects on skin.

This article would talk about top 5 beauty tips which can help to bleach the skin naturally.

1. Lemon and Honey - Lemon and honey has been a classic combination for many
beauty remedies, one can clearly see how these two ingredients rule the beauty list.
Lemon as we know has natural bleaching properties and along with honey which is
believed to lighten skin tone, when uses consistently yields great results.

2. Yogurt and Lemon -  Lemon as discussed above has natural bleaching and
 lightening properties,which when combined with yogurt which has naturally
occurring lactic acid, ideal for skin bleaching and lightening makes a great pack
to bleach skin naturally over time.

3. Orange peel powder and lemon juice - Orange peel contains lot of Vit C which is
excellent to lighten skin tone and when it is combined with another citrus fruit containing
Vit C,this pack acts as a double boost with added benefits to skin.

4. Chick Pea flour and Almond Powder - Chick pea flour is a popular and very
traditional method to lighten and brighten skin tone in many countries.Chick pea flour
also has skin bleaching and lightening properties which makes it ideal for natural skin
bleaching,almond on the other hand is not just nourishing for skin but tends to break
down melanin pigment and helps in improving complexion over time.So this pack can
be used along with some honey or lemon juice or raw milk.Each has it sown benefits.

5. Milk and Lemon - Milk and lemon is also great as pack to lighten skin naturally.
Milk like yogurt contains lactic acid which promotes skin lightening and brightening.
Lemon contains the goodness of Vit C which is an excellent natural skin bleach.
These two when mixed together results in milk turning into yogurt naturally which
is in a very pure form and quite effective for skin.

So these were the few beauty tips to help to bleach your skin naturally without any
worry of harming your skin,You can use nay method or ingredient as a remedy,but
please ensure that you try only one tip at a time since lemon juice if used excessively
can harm your skin.Do drop in your comments and let us know what you think about
these tips and will you try them out!!


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